Lunch…..during the work week, I try to relax over lunch, see something different, get new thoughts in my head. At previous employers I used to work out, but that requires a shower and that’s a bit iffy here. So, I just go and sit outside in the shade, eat, watch life happening and read or let my mind float. Of course as you let your mind loose and wander, silly things capture your attention, like this shot of my lunch with a reflection if the Thai flag in the dark granite (not all that dark really) of our entry way.

So there you have it. That day, Barbara made me Gnocchi with fresh tomato sauce and apples for desert, because I like a balanced meal. I probably also had a yogurt and maybe a cookie. See my favorite meal of the day – although I like them all – is tea time (the English’s best culinary contribution to the world). There is nothing I like better. It’s the best break of the day. Because, you still have a little day ahead of you, but the bulk of the workday is done. It’s my time I reflect – I do very good thinking over tea time (so I think at least and I believe myself…), especially with a good tea and maybe a piece I cake or a few good cookies, which I have been known to dip into my tea to make them just a little soft…..aaaahh, good times.

With an eye for tea time.

Yours Markus \m/

UTOTU Leftovers

Promise, this is it, the last chapter of the UTOTU reporting. Next story is something completely different, but we wouldn’t want to leave any loose ends, would we?

See Upper right corner. I think this is where the UTOTU explains the origin of “funny math”, like 2+2=22 or Special Purpose Entities, where poorly performing corporations can park their liabilities, to make their financial statements look more appealing. Anyway, the equation as I read it is that: 5$8=6. In non scientific nomenclature this reads as follows. Make an investment over 5 month of $8 each month and you will quadruple your money by receiving $6 back. Obviously, you object because money was not quadrupled, but you lost $34 – that’s why it’s called Funny Math. Now ask yourself, though. Have you seen math like this before…..c’mon think back to the accounting scandals in the early 2000s or the unlimited growth investments when $18000/yr bus drivers bought $500k houses.
So there you go. Now that you understand this part of the UTOTU, you can see right through future nonsense like this.

This concludes this entry and the series.

Sayonara Dudes

Markus \m/

UTOTU – Part 3: The Rest

Welcome to the third and final part of our exploration of the recently found and published Universal Theory Of The Universe. From here on Newton takes over. Really nothing new for modern (wo-) man, provided you stayed awake through high school physics.
This part is essentially just tying up loose ends, filling in the gaps.

What you see is a simple multi-body diagram. Multi-body diagrams are used to build models of dynamic systems, such as a car, consisting of the mass of the wheel, the springiness of the tires, the spring-damper assembly that constitute the car’s shock absorber, the mass of the passenger cell with the body panels. This a multi-body diagram is a simplification to understand complex systems quickly – it’s what engineers do. And today’s engineers stand of the shoulders of their forefathers, such as Euclid, Archimedes, Newton, De Carthes, Cardano and so forth… the old school engineers and scientists. These guys were the real deal….in the parlance of our day they were The O.T. – The Original Thinkers. Evidently multi- body diagrams and the underlying physics fit seamlessly into the UTOTU – wonderful.
The final image, is if you will proof that the UTOTU has got to be a serious.


The single most important piece of evidence that this is a major work is on the right side of the image – looks like a fish skeleton. It is known as a fish-bone diagram. This type of diagram is handy, when one is exploring cause and effect chains. The use of the fish-bone diagram shows that the author tested his/her hypothesis before publishing it an proposing it as a theory.
In summary, we can sleep sound henceforth. Mankind finally has a UTOTU, which has been tested using a fish-bone diagram.

I hope you have enjoyed this guided tour along the cutting edge of science.

Stay sharp

Markus \m/

Abstract Tuesday

Man, after the literary and scientific heavy lifting Of the previous three entries, it’s now time fir something completely different – a breather. A stop to smell the roses.
We he had a few very hardcore rainfalls over the weekend. Yesterday’s storm left the city squeaky clean with a great sky – even today. Unfortunately, Bangkok is a big city – super urban, sometimes it’s hard to see the sky, regardless how beautiful it is.


Then of course, Bangkok is the capital of a country with big opposites:
* Outside hot – Inside cold (thx AC)

* People Sleeping under highway bridges – Lamborghini’s parked in garages

* Honor & Pride – Girls sent into prostitution

You get the picture. But the country wants to move ahead…upward and onward.

Okeydoke, I am almost at work now, so this entry is coming to a close.

Stay sharp – look at life – live life

Markus \m/

UTOTU – Part 2: What Makes The Universe Expand

A few days ago we discussed the origin of the universe based in the UTOTU, as publicized at the bus station. Of course you have done your homework assignment and we are ready to proceed.
So let’s start with a bomb-shell, shall we.


This part of the theory has been written on a power switch box – coincidence? NO! Deliberation, absolutely. If you look in the lower left corner, you can see two cables entering the box. These two cables have the same diameter, thereby maintaining the continuity equation, which itself is nothing but simple accounting. And whose business is based on accounting, keeping track of inflows and outflows of cash, asset conversion and so forth? Correct, banks – what the unified theory shows is that what we know as Citibank is in reality the power that controls everything.

Editorial Comment: At this junction a word of caution. It is all too easy to confuse banks with god or omnipotence. This would be a capital mistake. Rather than considering them as a fixed parameter in the equation that governs the universe that is too big to fail, they should be considered a variable with too much power to handle it. Evidently, this is the part of the UTOTU, that requires us all to make a major paradigm shift.

This is HUGE, but trivial, since the company logo indicates it most obviously – the semi sphere we discussed in the previous entry. Look at it.
Anyway, the remaining writing is basically just mathematical proof of the summary I just gave, which I recommend you work through in detail at your leisure.

Our next discussion will show how the UTOTU includes – indeed embraces – classical Newtonian mechanics.

Until then, stay sharp.

Markus \m/

UTOTU – Part 1: The Origin

Let’s start with nomenclature: UTOTU = Unified Theory Of The Universe. For more consult your maths an physics books that you thought you’d never ever use again. But be not afraid, I will provide a narrative that will help understand what you see in the images.


Starting from the bottom, the semi-sphere on wheels is a clear indication that in the beginning the earth was not only dark and vast and empty , but also a semi-sphere. This makes sense because it is half the weight and a lot easier to transport – think of the Ikea Concept (some assembly required, but easy to transport) but for the universe. This part I the theory does not assume that the universe came with a universal 5mm Allen wrench – clearly that would be much to small to assemble earth as we know it, I am guessing here but you’d need at least a 20mm Allen wrench and at that size I wonder if it wouldn’t be more prudent to use a regular bolt and nut connection maybe with oversized washers to decrease the surface pressure. But that is all just hypothetical and I am digressing.
So far in the beginning earth was a semi-sphere on wheels. Semi-sphere also means only a north pole, no south pole. Clearly as evidenced by the squirrely raindrop trajectory, this (the lack of a south pole) had a profound effect on gravity. On the top of the page you can clearly see how the raindrop trajectory starts out horizontally then turns sharply to continue vertically only to do two more 90 degree turn before it finally hits earth.
Further evidence of the origin of gravitation is shown by the balancing of two spheres on top of each other – lack of or irregular gravity would significantly facilitate the staking I the spheres. The stacking of spheres is nowadays known in Germany as the “Idiots Test” which you will be subjected to if you fail the written test of your driver’s license three times in a row – you fail by touching the balls and are instantly certified an idiot.(that is one long sentence) This also means you will for all eternity have to ask your parents to drive you places.
Anyway, this shall conclude part one of the UTOTU – Origin. Please summarize this chapter and do a group project where you examine the demands on the supply chain for the proposed 20mm nuts and bolts at the beginning of time. All due before the next blog entry.

Now go and be contemplative.

Utterly impressed
Markus \m/

Unified Theory Of The Universe

Here is a piece of bad news for Stephen Hawking and friends and all you hobby physicists. A theory that unifies quantum physics, einstein’s theory of relativity and classical Newtonian physics has been found and already widely and very publicly published.

I am only showing a small part of the entire theory. As one would expect a theory that explains everything is a big formula. In this case it covers the entire outside surface of the bus station on Sukhumvit between Soi 20 and Soi 22 (south-east bound direction, just in case you want to study on hallowed grounds for yourself)
I literally stumbled over this turn-the-physics-world-on-it’s-head-and-shake-it-a-while as I was walking to a nearby bookstore to browse a bit and then possibly buy a book (not a physics book, though). I felt like Neo in the Matrix when he can see the data columns that make the projected world of the matrix people are made to believe is real. Tonight I will document the entire publication and the re-publish it on my blog for your educational benefit.

Trembling with excitement.

Markus \m/

Chiang Mai?!…

We went to Chiang Mai, in the north of Thailand. We went there to relax and to get away from Bangkok’s business and crowdedness.
So how was it? UNDERWHELMING! I cannot recommend a visit to Chiang Mai, unless you have money and time to waste.
And keep in mind, wasted time, is truly wasted, you will never get it back. Some day down the road you may wonder what you could have done instead of wasting a few days somewhere. Please consider.
The highlight was a small family owned jewelry and photography shop that had opened two weeks prior.
Other than that, Chiang Mai fell way short of my expectations.
So what were my expectations of Chiang Mai? I expected it to be quieter, nicer architecture. I love the mountains and mountain villages and cities usually have a very unique charm – not Chiang Mai. I expected it may be to be a little like Sapa in the North of Vietnam in the mountains. Or like Bolzano/Bozen in South Tyrol in northern Italy in the Dolomites – far from it. When you think of mountain town and you think Boulder, CO, you will be sorely disappointed. Swiss mountain town – buzzer sound. Innsbruck – NOOOOOO! Cuzco, Peru is a gem nestled in the mountains with a great atmosphere – not so in Chiang Mai.
People have told me to go visit Chiang Mai, people whose opinion I respected, I might have even considered friends – “What the hell were you thinking?” I do not see the attraction of Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai has slightly better Air than Bangkok, which is not surprising, since it is considerably smaller. At the airport though, they have 747 Jumbos landing and taking off, street traffic is not as congested as Bangkok, but give it another few years. So much for clean mountain air. Architecturally, generous use of grey concrete….that is about the only thing I can remember. Some of the concrete was cracked. Life overall and food in particular seems a little cheaper in Chiang Mai than in the capital down south. To close my highlights in images – I am not kidding:
In old town there is a big plaza, where the local kids skate. Skating is a truly unifying global leisure activity (my god does that sound old). What I mean, regardless where I see skaters, it is always very collaborative. They cheer each other on, they skate together. It’s almost egalitarian. Skaters push each other, but in a supportive way – I love that.
Gotta love a singing skeleton over rainbow colors.
I have seen this graffiti twice in Chiang Mai. The Tin Man!
O.k., that is it. Next week we have another 3 day weekend and I hope I can show more then.
So long and stay sharp.
Markus \m/


Two posts is all I was able to contribute in July – clearly a blogological diet month….intellectual and creative lent. It’s what happens and then we start up again. So before I post the latest of lately, we need to tie up some loose ends.

This is us walking home from watching the latest Batman movie. Barbara’s shadow casting is creating a mood.

On that same way home, I saw a little kitty-cat and thought to bring the lion in the cat out. Actual size 10x10cm, looks like the King Of The Serengeti.


Strangely, even though I had loads of work, my mind was still able to find capture-worthy moments; such as this fellow man on his way to work.

And then of course the universal way to get some globally standardized peace and quiet in the midst of a hectic mega-metropolitan life. I took this one leaning against the window capturing the lettering of this coffee shop and its reflection in the window. Wow Markus how do you do it? Answer: Go through life with wide open eyes!

Indecisive couple wondering which way to go.

And for your well-deserved moment of Zen:


Stay sharp….

Markus \m/