I Am Better Than You

So here I am browsing through images of past trips and I see this camel that I photographed in Ladakh last year. I remember thinking, when I saw the animal “What an arrogant expression it has – condescending…chewing its food. Does it look down on me? – physically, yes – but metaphorically speaking. May be this camel thinks it’s better than me. Yes it’s faster, more endurance, can carry heavier loads….but how about differential equations or beam theory. Yeah, suck on that bitch.”
Weird, there I was, relaxed not a worry on my mind and a Camel makes me self conscious.
Anyway, the thought you just spent
10seconds reading occurred to me in a short instance and the my senses were captivated again by the fact that I was in Ladakh with all this wildness and beauty around me.


Head-scratchingly yours
Markus \m/

The Single Best Thing About iOS6

PANORAMA photography……and that is the really the only shining beacon about Apples latest iPhone operating system. Yes you can abuse and yell at Siri in different languages, but I am a little underwhelmed. So here is the best thing about iOS6



And that’s that.

Back next week full time, promised.

Markus \m/

XOXOXO From Chillville

Hey just a brief Hello from Chillville. The weather is great, food and scenery are great and the creative batteries recharge.

You know what these are? Now, I could say that these are my Cinnamon Balls, but that would not be true and it would waste an opportunity for humor a little later in the year when it time to discuss Christmas delectables.
But what you see above are indeed cinnamon sticks embedded in a resin. The smell absolutely great – like cinnamon. And the fractal like pattern has great contrast.

Give me another week and I’ll be back writing more regularly.

Until then Sayonara Dudes.

Markus \m/

I’ll Be Gone For A While

Before I unplug for a while, just one last image I saw over the weekend on Sukhumvit. Sukhumvit was given to the Indian Immigrants back on the day by the Thai king of the time. The area was apparently not very desirable. Well, fast forward a few decades and Sukhumvit is the international beating heart of Bangkok – well done. The majority of the buildings belong to 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation descendants of the original immigrants, but you can still see all these nice reminders of the original Indian heritage.


Until the next….
Markus \m/

Creative Break

I am taking a creative break. I am a little exhausted. But I want to bow out with a few images I have taken around BKK. They are all taken with my iphone – which reminds me: I have been very impressed with the iPhone 3G – very satisfied, worked reliably. But with the iPhone 4S, Apple lowered the standard for functionality. Sure it has features and capabilities out the whazoo, but it underperforms in a lot of them, most notably the actual phone function and internet connectivity outside of WiFi – both core competencies for a smart phone.
But on with the actual entry.

I saw this scene on Friday. It reminds me of the belt and suspender approach to life. And I like the contrast in both color and texture a lot.

This one too, I saw on my way home last week. We had a full moon – which keeps me up at night – but what caught my eye was the interplay between shape, light, dark and the moon in the sky peeking through under the palm leafs.

Obviously, when I took that image, I noticed the natural black and white interplay on the palm tree’s stem.

And finally, another sunset in Bangkok.


Until my creative batteries have been fully recharged stay sharp and soak up life.

Markus \m/