Christmas Extreme

More on Christmas and the occasional oddities it produces.
I can start to see how wars cab be fought over religion. Religions and spiritual philosophies come with their own icons and imagery to imagine what the gods or the single god may look like. Aggression takes the stage when believers of one religion feel offended by perceived disrespect of others. Whether it is worth starting a war over or whether a civilized dialog about the importance and the magnitude of the transgression is more advisable is not the topic today – choose dialog.
But, on the final stretch to consumption Christmas, I observed that there is no taste left anymore – a Buddha in classic meditation pose as a Christmas tree ornament in an just as classic Santa Clause coat.
Next frogs also in the classic meditating Buddha pose.
And then – although it is not related to Christmas – the Made in China By Cheapest Labor Mass Manufactured Buddhas.
Personally, I find it sad, when religious or philosophical icons are sold of the lower shelves at a Pre-Christmas sale.

Pensively and asking you to stay sharp.

Markus \m/


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