The Day After…Christmas

After the feasting gave us a brief reprieve, we went for a walk in my hometown. Stores were closed but the windows still had the Christmas decorations in. One if the stores used the Muppets – the Stones aren’t the only ones with a major anniversary.
Fossy bear and Kermit applauding Ms Piggy for another stellar performance.
Ma Piggy still performing a bathing in the applause.
The classic end of the classic opening sequence – last thing is Gonzo’s trumpet.
Kermit applauding Ms Piggy at the end of the show. And this closes also this segment. On to more about my hometown on Christmas day.

There is a building opposite the Reis Museum, that has a face for its night lighting.
I also saw a blocking pin, that prevents unauthorized access to certain areas.
The top of these pins shows the logo of my hometown. What is the name of my hometown?
Send a correct answer via the comments section and I will send you a full size image (TIFF file) o you choice from my blog.
Finally, an image of a memorial to the Jews that were killed in my hometown during the third Reich.

I hope you have had a Merry Christmas, stay sharp.

Yours Markus \m/


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