If you have been traveling by airplane since the late Summer of 2001, you know that you need to arrive with plenty of time ahead of your scheduled flight departing. Depending on the season and the duration of your stay you might as well just meet with who ever you want to meet, right at the baggage claim. Because you need to be so early at the airport in order to catch your flight. Of course after you have navigated through check-in, security check, body patting, luggage CT scanning your plane might just be late. And if it is, it starts: the wait. You walk through the duty free area, where vendors want to convince you that if you pay 50% more than what you’d pay in any regular store for shit you wouldn’t look at under normal circumstances, that you save money and that you got a hell of a deal and that your are a cosmopolitain smartenheimer.
Then your attention is drawn to the newspaper stands and kiosks, where you browse magazines and newspapers only to walk away because they are overpriced, too. But you will be back in another hour and buy a magazine for entertainment purposes. You continue to your gate and sit down. Of course, I did most of that stuff but not all because I felt compelled to write an entry about this waiting time and I needed pictures.
There are always children abandoned at an equally abandoned departure gate. The kids aren’t aware of it, yet and neither are the parents who have lost them. When either become aware, the waiting is instantly dispersed with and a really entertaining time driven by panic, rage and “Home Alone” flashbacks starts.
Then there are people sitting at a snack bar eating Bratwurst and Kartoffelsalat that have had plenty if grill and reheat time with overpriced beer or other even more overpriced drinks.
There are also the few that walk around the airport terminal taking pictures of the granite floor while walking because of the interesting effect.
And then finally, after you’ve exhausted all these options and the magazine you bought because of the entertainment relief it would bring, you sit down and wait….
…and maybe you write a blog entry about your waiting experience.

Stay sharp.
Markus \m/


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