The Last Day Of 2012

To start with – The World Did Not End. But it was a pretty rough ride and that is just based on the average experience. If you live in Syria, Egypt, Iran, Afghanistan or some war-torn godforsaken African country, I don’t think “rough ride” is the correct choice of words. Of course, I you live in most European countries or North America, you are likely complaining at a pretty high level. Although, I think even there the social spread continues to increase. More “Haves” with way more than they can ever imagine, a thinning middle class and more people with just enough to make it. Then of course you have politicians – In Germany Social Democrats – bitching moaning and complaining that the job they don’t even have, yet, is paying too little. Dude, you can not call for a revolution with a Champagne glass in your hand while being driven in a Mercedes-Benz S-Class, it is not credible. In Italy, Berlusconi has made true on his threat to run for president again – haven’t you made this country suffer enough already?

But onwards, as I said earlier, the world did not come to an end – the Mayans were wrong. Good!

I guess, what I want to convey, what is really in my heart as this year has a mere 2 hours 43 minutes of life left, is that for 2013 we all try to be a little better. Reconsider our standards and adjust them upwards and reach for them…every day.

Rather than writing a bunch of examples (which I did and deleted them…too preachy) just look in your heart, too and be considerate.

Happy New Year

Have A Most Excellent Start Into It

May You Have A Prosperous, Healthy And Satisfying 2013

Yours Markus \m/


P.S.: I know this sounds like Apple Pie and Mother’s Love, but once a year I think it is appropriate.


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