Ancient News

I saw a wooden picknick table-bench combo. It must have been there for ages. It was nicely weathered from years of sun, warmth and the occasional, gentle winter fog and possibly even less occasionally a sprinkle of rain. But regardless of the meteorologic circumstances, it must have been located at a popular spot…I mean I was there, right? The table had all these carvings in it as tokens if appreciation of the many visitors enjoying an outdoor pick-a-nick.20130228-114153.jpg Hen this table survives another 1000 years it will be treated as ancient news and future people will make all these assertions that that’s the way we communicated “back in the day”. Future people will say that what this table represents an ancient newspaper.

And on that philosophical excursion, stay sharp.

Markus \m/

Late Night Airport Boredom

I am waiting for the Red Eye flight from SFO to MSP – 45 minutes to check-in. I have answered a few emails and thought a few thoughts and then I figured:”I might as well write a post.”
I had sometime in Silicone Valley today an seized the opportunity to work in the sun – writing emails, from what can be called a mobile office.20130227-223538.jpg A really lucky coincidence – I benefitted from the bad planning at Avis. Usually I get the car that’s one above a pedal car. But I was not and am not complaining. After I had drained my laptop battery, I looked around – not shabby either.20130227-224002.jpgThe backyard, where the Future Titans Of Industry spend their lunch breaks, working out.20130227-224042.jpg

Stay sharp
Markus \m/

Homage To Minneapolis In Winter

Alright, so it is cold. How cold, you ask? I say read the previous entry – posted just about 5 hours earlier. But now, this city an its citizens have hair on their chest (metaphorically speaking) and fire in the heart (also a metaphor). Yes, it’s true, for plenty of Minnesotans the regular ketchup is a bit too spicy, but they can brave the cold. The city has a superb cross-country skiing event that makes use of the cities public golf sources, frozen lakes and has a finish line in the heart of Uptown. And a spectacle it is. And in that same area, yes there are back alley that look like a direct pathway to a frozen hell., but still we are not deterred.MplsBackAlleyYou don’t look at the back alleys, you look up to the big sky we have in winter – so big it gives Montana a run for the money.PowerPoleSee that is a big sky. And this one, too, is a big sky. We have gigantic lakes that freeze over and we go out and play or at least look at them white expanse with awe and wonder.LakeCalhoun1And what keep us going are the constant reminders that in just a few more weeks we will frolic in the cooling waters of the presently frozen lakes. Possibly, California Girls may make less cupcakey shaped lifeguards – possibly?! – but the Beach Boys (and David Lee Roth of Van Halen fame in 1985) also said, that Midwest farmer’s daughters keep their boy friends warm at night so there the cupcakeyness comes surely in handy.LifeguardChair
Speaking of California, on a recent trip to San Francisco, I took this image across the back bay from San Francisco airport: SFO, where the sewer meets the sea. Politically correct, it would be called a storm drain…poh-leeeeeeece.SFO-Sewer
In summary, I will let this guy do the talking … visually, so you need to listen with your eyes.LC-Runner-ColYes we laugh in the face of Winter and say:”‘s that all you got, bitch.” like this guy.
Now, all of this is really true, except when you have been out of state for a while and have become accustomed to a permanent meteorological state of July, then a Minnesota Winter is just Oh-So-Cold.
Stay sharp and stay warm – maybe try one of the aforementioned midwest farmer daughters.

Markus \m/

Cold Spawns Cool Ideas

It’s still cold, as in I-feel-like-own-wife-because-my-feet-that-are-always-warm-in-Bangkok-are-in-perma-freeze-mode cold. In short it is cold. BUT, not all is lost. Because, as I was focusing on shivering, I saw this fantastic opportunity to take a picture. A picture to convey to my world-wide and very exclusive audience that even jn such cruel cold sheer beauty can be found….all you have to do is look with your eyes and heart aligned. And on that poetic note, enjoy your moment of Zen.20130223-182256.jpg
Evidently, so much Zen will keep you sharp.

With relaxed reverence and cold feet.
Markus \m/

Winter – Blacker – Whiter

Today, I am posting a few images I took this morning. They are very stark in contrast. I like simplicity, but I like details, too. To me these images carry both quite nicely – simplicity in colour, detail in texture. Landscapes from wintery area around Luck, WI.
20130218-105915.jpgIn Black And White nature photography, birch trees and aspens are a real god-sent – little colour, but tons if detail. It sets the mood for me, when I take winter pictures.20130218-105938.jpg20130218-105955.jpgThen there are landscapes of frozen shorelines. It is amazing how the thin, bony tree branches and twigs create a black wall at the height of the tree crowns even without any leaves.20130218-110017.jpgIn the reeds.20130218-110036.jpgAnd finally a very wide landscape. I will likely sit down and try paint this image in ink. A good exercise, since it let’s me focus on the detail only.20130218-110302.jpg
In summary, go out into nature an enjoy – it helps you to stay sharp, too!

Markus \m/