Vanishing Points Pt.2

I am a sucker for simple features, hence today’s entry is about vanishing points. I was walking through Bangkok today and everywhere I looked they struck me.
Down an escalator I took to the MRT – that’s the one underground.20130416-231448.jpg Then again, as I was waiting in an almost empty station. 20130416-231551.jpg And while these vanishing points show no obstacles, this next one I like because it does contain a nice visual conflict between reaching for infinity and a massive obstacle.20130416-231809.jpg And with that we have indeed reached the end of today’s entry…Mommy, Mommy, it didn’t hurt at all.

Stay sharp

Markus \m/

Finally Another Entry

Just a quick update today. It is Songkran in Thailand. This means we have a holiday – a four or in some cases a five day weekend which started Friday. It also means that the famously highly viscous traffic has solidified completely. People have taken over the street and splash each other with Super Soakers, buckets of water or simply with garden hoses. Anyway, you will get wet and you better walk or take the train. Because the soaking is indiscriminate I do not have any pictures of what’s going on outside – I fear I could loose my camera and lenses to water damage. Instead I have taken an image of this rather hidden fountain, so I can at least send you one watery “Hello From Bangkok”.20130415-201848.jpgTuesday and Wednesday, I am going on an urban photo safari, that will – as I hope – yield a photographic treasure chest.

Until then stay sharp.
Markus \m/

Gutter Humor

I saw this sign over lunch break on Friday. And It just makes me chuckle. Truth be told, it makes me chuckle now, I thought it was hilarious on Friday.20130408-072925.jpg There were even synergies because the shop that had this sign out was next to a fast food place, thereby making this area a fast pleasure service hot bed – fast eating and carnal pleasures….what a concept.

Stay sharp.
Markus \m/