Riding On Phuket

We have a four day weekend in Thailand – so we got the hell out of Dodge, Bangkok that is. Since I recently afforded myself a new road bike, we unanimously decided to go to Phuket. “Phuket”, you say with doubts in your voice “but you are a married man. Isn’t that a little kind the Phuket tourist nightlife with a bicycle? Are you sick, that is disgusting!”
No, Phuket is great for road bikes. Excellent roads along the ocean and bad ass hills.
But le tme start at the beginning. We landed in Phuket and about 20 minutes later I am on the phone with the nice lady from Thai Airways “lost and found” and asked extra politely, if she had received my phone….by any chance. She did. Fast forward to Saturday morning. I rode to the airport, picked up my phone. Then back on the road, which went parallel to the taxiway, a jet challenged me to a race. The pilot was a dick. He had the cockpit window rolled down, elbow casually resting on the window sill and turned his Ray-Ban beshaded face to me:”Wanna race, kid?”
Needless to say, he was on. I will not give you a play by play, but it is interesting how not slow these planes taxi to the runway – surprisingly fast. Anyway, after I was done with the plane, I snapped this image, just before the cocky pilot was able to direct his jet exhaust on me.
Thai Airways Jet: 0 – Markus on new road bike: not ZERO (I am being humble)
On I went to the north-eastern corner of Phuket. The rides her are fantastic. The air was warm and moist and pregnant with all sorts of fragrance like smells (also the occasional smell of shit, but really only occasional) Once I was past Ao Poh, I found the steepest road, I have ever ridden in my life. As I learned a day later, the road is called the “Road Of Shame”. The reason, the demands on courage and bike handling supercede the already high demands on raw power. The road is pretty narrow and only about 400 meters long. Because the road is to narrow to serpentine it up, the balance challenge is to keep the rear wheel from spinning through, while keeping the front wheel from wheelie-ing over backwards which would result in a what I presume epic tumble.
I took a few images after I arrived at the top.
Looking down from about 20m below the top.
The next image is a feeble attempt to capture the slope of the road – feeble, I say.
And of course, the view to the top.
20130721-152516.jpg From there on I want down on 4027 until I reached 402 and returned to our hotel, resulting in a total of 73km and 2000kcal expended – good day.
I will be off now for a swim and you will continue to stay sharp.

So long.

Yours Markus \m/


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