Sweaty, Humid And Hot

I know some of you, based on this headline might think “Why is Markus talking about sex?”. But I am not. I am referring to some of the boundary conditions that make Bangkok in this Thanksgiving morning. I am on my way to work and sweat stains are already on my chest. From what, I have no idea. It has been punishingly hot and humid the last few days. So hot, that swimming was my only morning workout, because else there was a real danger of “Spontaneous Liquification”. And we wouldn’t want that, would we?
But it is Thanksgiving and that is a great reason to be with family and friends to eat, catch up, each a football game no one really watches because everyone is really just waiting for the THG episode of their favorite TV series – which for me the last time I was in America at Thanks Giving was “The Office”.
Anyway, the point of all this rambling today is that again we miss this time of being with friends and family and that we wish you all a very happy, fun Thanksgiving with your loved ones.

Stay sharp and do not overeat on the turkey.

Cheers Markus \m/


On Seasons And Car Tuning

The festive season is on the world again. On Thursday we start with Thanksgiving in America. It is my absolutely favorite holiday, because in have experienced on Thanksgiving what I have always loved – being surrounded by family. It’s just great. You also know that not even 4 weeks later it’s Christmas and boom another year over.
Since, holidays these days have transformed primarily into consumption orgies, they are not geographically or limited by boundaries of faith. Hence, Thailand is in total Christmas fever: Happy (not a typo) Christmas Everywhere.
The shopping malls race who will put up the first and tallest Christmas tree – of course (very likely) made without any pride in China, like this specimen here in front of Terminal 21.

And now for something completely different: the art of toy car tuning and customization. Today, the 2014 Chevy Silverado, which I have turned from a stock truck into a SoCal low-rider edition – close your eyes and listen to the beat of Mexican gangsta rap.

Onwards, earlier I mentioned that Thailand is fully infected by The Christmas Fever. While Thailand is really much more known for its serene Buddhas, such as here in Ayutthaya.
To me there is a beautiful mix of serenity, peacefulness and grace in these sitting Buddhas.

Until the next. Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends! homies and adopted family in the States, love your guys.
Stay sharp….

Yours Markus \m/

NEWS – Local Man Discovers Porsche-Henge In Own Living Room

Today, I discovered a sculpture in my own living room of substantial historical value.
I give you Porsche-Henge. To be precise, Porsche-911-GT3RS-Henge. After all these years of searching…..I am such a lucky bastard, it’s unreal.
20131125-183839.jpg and for your viewing-in-amazement-pleasure a side view.
With raspy roaring flat 6 regards. Stay sharp.

Markus \m/

Loy Kratong

Today is Loy Kratong in Thailand. It’s the festival where people build or buy a little float. The float is then carried to a body of water and gently placed on the surface of said body of water. Before the float is cast off, the candle and the incense sticks that are part of the float must be lit.
The last step before casting off is to collect your thoughts and transfer all your bad luck, evil spirits Nd bad thought all the shit that rots a person from the inside, well you transfer it onto the float and cast the float with all the bad stuff off. This in theory leaves a person then only with himself and of course the good stuff from the world of spirits and fortune. Some people got a little carried away about casting off their sorrow and evil spirits.
But the vast majority of people chose floats like these.
Of course this being Thailand, thee is food and drink. In fact the water and soft drinks salespeople were doing very good business, but so were all the little street kitchens.
Personally, I think. Loy Kratong is the one holiday where Thais thank Steve Jobs for introducing the world to the Multi-purpose smartphone all but 6 1/2 years ago. Insane how many people filmed and videographed their floats laden with their sorrows, evil spirits and overall bad fortunes….and so did I. You notice my float is fairly small, as opposed to last year when I had a container ship rented from Maersk shipping lines for about 2hours to fill it exclusively with sorrow cargo.
However, I think, if Germans did Loy Kratong, our floats would probably look more like this.

Well there you go, another entry. Stay sharp until the next.

Markus \m/

Thai Efficiency

Whoohoo, back after a few weeks in the good ole’ US Of A. And while America is getting over. Helloween and preparing for THE family holiday – Thanksgiving, Thailand has made a giant contribution in the human department of festivity efficiency:
“Eastmas” or “Chrieaster”
But why stop there? Why just focus on imported holidays – Christmas and Easter are not necessarily traditional Thai Buddhist holidays. Why now merge holidays across cultures and continents. For example, why not create the American Thanks Giving which uses floats for the traditional Macy’s parade and Thailand’s Loy Krathong, which also uses floats to send away defilements, hatred and anger.
I give to you “Thanks Krathong”, “Loy Giving”. Another idea would be to to merge multiple holidays all into one extended holiday week – in France it would be a holiday month, of course – but naturally, that would probably be too orgiastic and we could have that. People would be outmerried, overcheered and eventually hyperjoyed. Who knows what the effects could be on the human fabric and the time space continuum…who knows? No seriously, does anyone know.

Alright, you now have food for contemplation and bid you Adieu and to stay sharp.

Sayonara dudes.

Markus \m/