Loy Kratong

Today is Loy Kratong in Thailand. It’s the festival where people build or buy a little float. The float is then carried to a body of water and gently placed on the surface of said body of water. Before the float is cast off, the candle and the incense sticks that are part of the float must be lit.
The last step before casting off is to collect your thoughts and transfer all your bad luck, evil spirits Nd bad thought all the shit that rots a person from the inside, well you transfer it onto the float and cast the float with all the bad stuff off. This in theory leaves a person then only with himself and of course the good stuff from the world of spirits and fortune. Some people got a little carried away about casting off their sorrow and evil spirits.
But the vast majority of people chose floats like these.
Of course this being Thailand, thee is food and drink. In fact the water and soft drinks salespeople were doing very good business, but so were all the little street kitchens.
Personally, I think. Loy Kratong is the one holiday where Thais thank Steve Jobs for introducing the world to the Multi-purpose smartphone all but 6 1/2 years ago. Insane how many people filmed and videographed their floats laden with their sorrows, evil spirits and overall bad fortunes….and so did I. You notice my float is fairly small, as opposed to last year when I had a container ship rented from Maersk shipping lines for about 2hours to fill it exclusively with sorrow cargo.
However, I think, if Germans did Loy Kratong, our floats would probably look more like this.

Well there you go, another entry. Stay sharp until the next.

Markus \m/

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