Art In Unexpected Places

Look what I found – Pop Art.
What some manufacturing companies will likely discard as a means of production at the end of life, others see as art.
This is a painting tray. If it could talk, it would tell many a great stories about who and what has received a coat of paint on it.
With a little bit of manipulation it looks like this.

Stay sharp and keep your eyes trained on beauty in unexpected places.

Markus \m/

Where Did Public Scales Go?

I stumbled over an image I took a while ago – either in May last year or Christmas 2012, when we were visiting family in Italy.
Anyway, I do remember spotting the opportunity when I saw the scale i n public.
I recall how all of a sudden childhood memories bubbled up of when my mum would take me to kindergarten (known in America as Pre-school). On the way to my kindergarten, we would walk past a bakery, where my mum would by me a Berliner – similar to a donut, but made with much more love than Dunkin’ or Krispy could ever muster – filled with raspberry jam. And next to that bakery was a public scale, where you put in 10c, stepped on the platform and got off shocked and frustrated.
Now. All this happened in just a blink of an eye in my mind when I saw the scale in northern Italy.

And that ends my little trip down memory lane – prompted by a scale.
And speaking of lanes. I found a ripping rendition of “Heartbreak Hotel” ( which is located and the end of Lonely Lane) by a very young Guns And Roses on itunes – oh so excellent.

Stay sharp and visit Memory Lane on occasion, Lonely Lane not so much.

Markus \m/

Serenity Now

Yes, since new year’s it’s been full on – never a dull moment.
This is when I saw this fountain with it’s soothing water flow and shapes.
Breathe in with awareness – hold briefly with awareness – breathe out with – hold briefly with awareness – repeat…… And relax.
Sometimes, I can very much relate to George Costanza, who exclaimed:”Serenity Now!”

Stay sharp, yet in a state of relaxed awareness
Markus \m/

What Is This…?

Yes, what is this that you see just below this sentence you are about to finish reading – now.
Well, whaddayathink?
If you said transmogrifier, time machine or doomsdayearthquaketsunamigenerator you would be sorely wrong.
It is a film projector. You see before iPhones, bit torrents, Netflix and even TV, so waa-haay before all this digital stuff, about the same time people took photos that required paper and chemistry and ABSOLUTELY; right about the movies were shown with projectors. Of course projectors did not have a USB plug to watch ripped movies. No, back then movies were delivered as celluloid strips rolled on reels.
Far out, man, you might think. But that’s what it was like in the nineteen eighties. Film, those were the days.
Now for those of you not familiar with the eighties, it was a period in movie history that was where the piano player had already been replaced with a soundtrack.

Stay sharp
Markus \m/

Bangkok Shutdown – A Family Affair

As promised, a few more images from the shutdown in Bangkok. Thus far – with the exception of the well publicized incidences – the protests have been very peaceful. This weekend, families came out and turned the protests in a pick nick like event, with food, naps and chats, while waiting or someone to take the stage at their location and give a rousing speech about how everything will be better when victory is theirs.

EatInAll that protesting is making a man hungry and tired, while others brought their crafts projects.

SleepInMore waiting and more napping.

Apparently a lot of people stay directly at the protest sites. Near MBK is also a museum – BACC – with a sculpture outside of a bust with very generous motherly curves. She has one arm stretched out invitingly – similar to Michelangelo’s painting “The Creation Of Adam”, under her protection, the protesters have set up base camp like tent city.

TentCityI was also mentioning, that the real winners of the protests appear to be the T-shirt and whistle sales people. About that, There are tons of T-Shirt, proclaiming the Shutdown of Bangkok.


However, for me personally a mere shutdown is similar to abandonment, to giving up. That’s why I like the few T-Shirts that also proclaim what will happen after the shutdown, it gives a motivation, a reason if you will – it gives a WHY.

T-ShirtGoodShutting down Bangkok, in order to restart Thailand.

The protesters have five demands, that they need to have met, before reconciliation.¬†Chief among them is the buying of votes – actually paying voters to vote for a certain party and the wasting of tax money on ill-conceived pandering (such as the Rice Pledge Scheme), one tablet PC for every school child – a promise that was made during the last election campaign and is still unfulfilled, even though it’s harebrained. Tablet PC will not improve Thailand’s education level and system, teaching how to think critically will); the start of a serious effort to end corruption in the government and police; more independence for the provinces – Bangkok apparently appoints provincial governors ¬†and of course the amnesty bill, which essentially would pave the way for a smooth return of the refugee brother of the current prime minister.

Interestingly, while there are protests at a few locations, life still continues for the many millions of people in the rest of the city – they go about their business.


Stay sharp

Markus \m/

Shutting Down Bangkok On The Weekend

Today is Saturday. Barbara and I seized the opportunity to ride in the newly freshened air through Bangkok on our bikes. The streets are all very empty, so riding is good and significantly less dangerous tan it usually would be. Along Sukhumvit are three main occupations: Asok, Erawan Shrine opposite Central World and at the intersection at MBK.
I have a hard time gaging the progress or the successes the shutdown has brought, but the city is definitely transformed. See here the upper level at the BTS station National Stadium in front of BACC.
It looks like Everest base Camp.
Since the riding was so good, we pushed our luck a bit by taking the actually blocked Silom overpass. We were enjoying the elevated ride a lot, even in spite of the occasional barrier. Just short of lumping apart – where we would have had a great view over the park and Silom, we encounter the military branch of the Shutdowners. The road was blocked with a sandbag fortress, when. Little man in camouflage started yelling at us. I waved at him and he or someone in the fortress discharged a signal pistol – just one big boom. We turned around. This image shows the empty elevated overpass and your can spot the sandbag fortress.
That was pretty uncool, I must say.
But to understand just how deep the hate of the protesters against the current government is take a look at this.
Tomorrow, I will show a few more images from the protests that I took with my camera, not with my phone.
As the clock is ticking towards February 2nd, I actually get more nervous about how this conflict will be resolved.

Until the next, stay sharp and stay behind barriers, even if the road begs you to ride or skate on it.
Markus \m/

Dress Up Friday

Day 5 of the Bangkok a Shutdown, the Bangkok Siege, whatever you want to call it. The air is getting better, fewer cars, but the protesters managed today to create a nice traffic jam. Quite a few of my fellow man- me among the. Of course – decided, that since the highways are empty, it couldn’t be all that bad on Sukhumvit, but it was worse. So, it took me seventy minutes what you can walk with a swagger in your step in about fifteen minutes. Great.
Upon arrival home, I decided to go for a run – remember the improved air quality…carpe diem, dudes…or better carpe post meridiem. So much for your Latin lessons today. On the way home I bore witness that Bangkok, despite it being Friday – as in casual Friday – is dressing up…the city dresses up quite literally and is formal, not business casual.
A light pole with a formally knotted tie, there you have it.
As my man Walter Sobtchak of Sobtchak Security and the Dudes bowling partner would say:”Alright then.”
Stay sharp.

Markus \m/