One Bad-Ass Bike

A few weeks ago, I wrote about simplification and how items with fewer features somehow command higher prices. But sometimes you come across something that was stripped down by to its essentials by a visionary soul. I saw a Yamaha SR500 still with drum brakes and beautiful spoked wheels – originally probably from the late 1970s. That SR500 was stripped down – no battery, no cushy bench, no fat fenders. Instead just a frame, engine, drivetrain, matt black – pure bad-ass attitude and utility, made in metal with minimum plastic parts…built to last mechanical engineering purity. I love that bike!
Well, I am a sucker for simple black stuff that works.
You’ve got to admit that is pure poetry.
This bike to me is like a Leica M camera.
Alright and we are at the end of this entry. Enjoy the day and stay sharp.

Markus \m/>

Start The Day With Flowers

I am fortunate enough to live is a place where flowers are abundant. Year round something is always blooming. Blooming means there is full on colour. But today I want to focus on shape rather than colour.
20140327-072631.jpg I find it fascinating, that there are all these minute variations on closer inspection, yet, if Asked we could not distinguish one blossom from the next. Especially these flowers with their curved 3D shapes. When you think about it. If se could enlarge them to a size of say 50x50ft, that would be one hell of a skate park!

20140327-073124.jpg Then we have got these orchids (?, I have no idea about flower names, besides roses, I just enjoy flowers, their shapes and their grace. Besides they are always engineering marvels). The pollen carriers are are way out extended away from the actual blossom connected only through these slender bendy rods.
20140327-073641.jpg This final picture, I am pretty sure, should be an orchid. And again the shape detail – there isn’t a straight line anywhere – again one hell of a skatepark, if magnified a thousand times.

With that my musings in flower shape cone to an end.
Stay sharp, be awake as you go through life.

Hasta luego compadres
Markus \m/


One of the cool things about being a human being – isn’t that a most outstanding way to start a sentence, not to mention an entire blog entry – is that we can recognize pattern that machines cannot. Because we can abstract bitches (yeah, I am talking to you heartless machines). I digress and get carried away. So where were we; right our awesome ability to abstract. So, let’s abstract a little, shall we?20140325-174510.jpg
What is it? Milk cans, correct. Milk cans I saw in northern Italy last year.
Next, a picture I call Trucker Chess. It was a bit inspired by the first Harry Potter book, when the protagonists have ti play a game of chess on a life-sized board.20140325-174854.jpg

Finally, Truckers Chess from a different vantage point.20140325-175059.jpg And this brings us to the end if out little excursion into the land of abstraction. Stay super sharp and continue abstracting like a crazy m…..f…..r.

Markus \m/

Threesome In The Pool

Whoooaa, hold your horses people. This is a more or less PG rated blog, but now that I have your undivided attention let’s get to it, shall we:
I swam this morning, because swimming is a good way to wake up. After my swim, I was able to see the beauty all around me, such as these flowers in the pool. I developed three different visions of these.
Hence the title, I am not sure if I want to know what you were expecting, but I think it would have failed the PG rating…..very likely.
Unlike my usual preference, I supersaturated the colors, which also produces a nice strong contrast.
20140325-071309.jpg Evidently, a black and white image.
20140325-071333.jpg And finally a black and white image with the flowers just screaming red. May be a bit too loud, but sometimes, sometimes you’ve got to let it scream.

Alright, off to work now. Stay sharp and sayonara dudes.

Markus \m/

Bored While Shopping

I had most excellent run this morning. And afterwards, after my shower I indulged in my ultimate luxury – gong back to bed and spending time in that special place between deep sleep and waking. That to me is the ultimate luxury. Ideally, this all takes place in Winter when it’s really cold outside and you come home sweaty, yet also cold. Then in bed you take a book, start to read and you wake up one or two hours later with the book on our chest. So, I didn’t have the cold, but everything else was there. At about 9:30am it started to pour, the first rain of the season. When it stopped raining, we decided to go shop a little. And that is when I get bored. That’s when my legs play tired, I yawn and just overall the 5 yr old inside of me needs a nap. So the adult has to put the foot down and commands the brain to distract the 5yr old.
These two then look at all kind of stuff, while the rest of me just hangs on for the ride and blogs about it.
Uh, uh, uh there is skeletal Mickey Mouse. Let’s take a picture and try to not get killed by the surprised traffic:
20140322-143431.jpg then comes the part where other people try things and because of the lack of distractions and no nap, the 5yr old inside of me must be looked after. Now he’s taking pictures of what boring stuff is happening around him.
Eventually, we all end up in a Starbucks, where my 5 yr old swlf gets a cocoa, brain get sugar in form of a mango-mangocream cake and I write the entry.

So all that’s left to say is: Compartmentalize yourself, enjoy you multiple personalities and of course stay sharp…

Cheers mates
Markus \m/

Three Images

Usually, I prefer B/W photography, because it reduces the image to the essential. Today, though, three saturated colour images as a curveball to myself.




Well there you go, my favorite flower in Thailand – no idea what the name is – but the smell is intoxicating. And two images I took on my way to work, taken from the car.

Cheers and maintain a sharp mind…
Markus \m/

A Short One

Good morning sunshine. Just two quick photos to prove I am still walking through life with all senses engaged.
The Truck Driver:
20140318-074432.jpg Evidently, this would be a lot harder if the driver would be American or European: >180cm/6ft AND > 55kg/120lbs
Next – Mirror, Mirror…..
20140318-074727.jpg This one I tool from the parking deck of Foodland. Barbara was doing the groceries, while I was charged with parking the car. But why park when there are 8 stories of parking garage just begging to be explored – which is what I did. This is the view from the top….not bad for a supermarket parking garage.

Cheers, stay sharp.
Markus \m/