Time To Waste

Time is precious to me and becomes more precious to me the older I get. That is because I have realized slowly, that I have less and less of it. All our time her is final. So needless to say, I have no patience for others wasting my precious time, especially when it is due to lack of thought. As happened today at Siam Paragon. Thought, I’ll browser a bit around and while browsing I found a pen – You may have guessed it by now, I am a sucker for anything mechanical. I bought the pen. Enter thoughtlessness, obliviousness, stupdity. At the register were 4! (FOUR) people manning 1! (ONE) register while two more were empty with signs to use the next register. The first person held my card. The second person was operating the cash register. The third person watching the monitor of the register and the fourth person was monitoring the other three people – a manager. As this happened the line grew longer. To not explode and start yelling at the four knuckleheads, especially the useless and unimaginative manager, I started to admire their extensive collection of Neon colored pens.
When it was finally my turn, I paid and went to get a Latte. And here the competent staff of the Starbucks on the food court floor at Siam cheered me up with just this simple gesture.
It’s the simple things in life that make an instant difference.

Cheers, stay sharp and make an instant positive difference in someone else’s life today.

Markus \m/

I Never Can Say Good-Bye

Yep, this song was buzzing around in my head as I thought about posting one more entry from the ever so popular Ko Samui airport departure lounge. You may ask rightfully which version of this song was going through my mind. And I admit, it wasn’t the original soul version, but the gay 80s version sungg by Jimmi Summerville when he was wither solo or with the Communards. So here we go.
By the way, I’d love to package that aroma of these flowers – it is so good and soothing. Puts me instantly into the best if moods. But before you guys start inventing, it would actually help me yo know what these flowers are called.
Now, he we go:
20140419-142954.jpg Had to go with B/W, since you guys have been spoilt a bit with colour images the last few days – I am mot going soft. B/W is still the way to take pictures properly.
20140419-143154.jpg A hybrid, only to be followed by a colour shot on 11.

Now, this should really do it from Ko Samui. The nice lady just told me to get the hell on board or they will leave without me – so who am I to not comply.

Markus \m/

Parting Views

As any good-bye you don’t really want to say, this one, too is drawn out. As we are waiting for the shuttle to the airport, I am sharing a few sights I have had numerous times everyday here – views I will miss and views I will love to remember.
First is the view. I have had when ever I practiced Yoga or took part in the morning meditation.
20140419-121908.jpg And f you are a long time follower of this blog you will recognize that a tree makes an appearance again. I love trees, even more so, since in 2010 a tree in Switzerland eased my pain with its sheer presence and changes it showed me everyday. This tree, too is great – very soothing and shade providing with a gentle cool breeze.
20140419-122226.jpg The above image shows the path down to the ocean, from where I would go open water swimming or snorkeling. The fishy multitude and multicolor redness was truly amazing. Also something I will remember fondly as I find myself in my factory again starting next week.
Finally, a mundane pool shot. What I like about it, though, is the juxtaposition of clean man-made lines and clear colors vs natural uneven lines, unstable colours and the cloud shapes reflected in the pool.
There you have it, I really enjoyed myself here at Vikasa tremendously – more over, I found back to myself and simple pleasures, like moving without any aids, swimming, snorkeling, just being part of something so much bigger, like an ocean. And that all was very relaxing to the soul. Exactly what it was supposed to be.

Namaste dudes…and stay sharp with a soft gaze.

Yours Markus \m/

P.S.: this place has NO TV, yet life still goes on. You don’t even miss it!

The Last Day

Hmmm, the last day of vacation is already upon us Time always passes so much faster when you d something you thoroughly enjoy and when worries and problems are absent. So, too with this vacation. It was great – not a hair in the soup, just beautiful.
So where did we actually stay? We stayed a “Vikasa – the evolution of yoga”.
The Vikasa resort is right between Chaweng Beach and Lamai Beach. The whole resort is aligned to giving you a specific experience – one centered around finding yourself, relaxing your mind and strengthening your body, by means of the yogic way of life. This is not a religious thing or some brainwashing, charlatan stuff. All classes are included in the price you pay and you choose if you want to participate. The majority of people making bookings here choose to participate in classes. But you have ample time to yourself where you go to the beach or snorkel along the coast. There are also excellent open water swims possible – which is what I did a few times. Snorkeling is great, too. I snorkeled almost every day, even for just a few minutes, I love it.
Food is also included in the price. It is a vegetarian buffet, that includes seafood. Two meals are served a day. Food was good and plenty and always fresh. But you can also at a la carte – which we never did. But we had freshly made fruit smoothies and shakes….O.M.G.!!!!20140419-072807.jpg
The dining area – clearly not a traditional hotel, but then it isn’t designed to be a traditional hotel.
20140419-073911.jpg In particular, I love these sculptures.
And to close this plug off, one last view from our room at sunrise.
20140419-074150.jpg Clearly, if your day starts like that, it is a great start and there is nothing to complain about.

Off to meditation and the final yoga practice of this trip.
Stay sharp and see you back in BKK.

Markus \m/

What’s This All About…?

Well, it could be that I am suffering from the Peter Pan Syndrome – the refusal to grow old. It could also be that I am looking for more sense in life. May be I am looking for more simplicity. May be I am simply getting old, well I am not in my teens or teens or thirties anymore. And that’s a good thing, except that it takes me longer to recover; other than that I am not complaining about age.
So, what was this week all about? We came here to relax physically, mentally and spiritually – dude, this sounds like all esoteric, you may think. But for me it was just what the doctor ordered.
The meditation, and morning and evening yoga practices by different teachers, trying different styles were great. Whether it is actual deliberate meditation or meditation through a guided yoga practice. Your mind is occupied with something rather mundane and your muscles work with your balance, while your sub-conscious can sort itself out. I do a lot of subconscious thinking while practicing yoga. And in the end, there is also a sense of accomplishment.
The fact, that I am relaxed, as I mentioned earlier, I gauge by the sorts of photos I take.
20140418-174247.jpg We visited this little farm by the roadside today where as it turns out two brothers were processing tobacco – not “whacky tobacci”. And the stuff they had for processing was rather simple, but inspired me to take a few images. The image above I took as we were leaving when I saw these beautiful orchids with the lush tree foliage as a backdrop.
The tobacco was cut and laid out to dry. The racks that the tobacco was set on were made from split and weaved bamboo.
For such a relatively small field they had quite the harvest. Obviously, I am not an expert on tobacco harvesting, but I appreciate when people grow and make their own stuff.
OK, this shall close this entry. I will post one final entry tomorrow, before we leave this beautiful place in Ko Samui, to return back to the hustle and bustle of Bangkok.

Stay sharp with a relaxed mind.

Markus \m/

Kid Expells #2 Successfully – In Public! WHY?

Today, was probably the laziest day of my life. We generously skipped the morning meditation and subsequent Yoga practice and slept in instead. I read a little and then did a pre-breakfast nap – quite the experience.
Evidently, the came breakfast, followed by the post-breakfast nap. Upon waking up thoroughly rested, we walked to the beach. We sat down and the first we saw was a little Russian boy taking a dump in the beach, while his parents were frolicking in the water. Upon successful completion of said dump the little man started to cry.
It inly took the parents about 10 minutes to recognize the situation and remove the excrement.
While I was glad to see that there were no “gifts” left, I myst ask the question:”WTF?!?!?!?!?” Why would a 5 year old think it’s OK to shit in public? I am going out in a limb here, but I suppose because he has never learned any better from the people who are in charge of raising the kid – his parents. We need to have a license or certificate for even the simplest things, but not for raising kids – why, I must wonder. I live lids, I have baby sat throughout high-school and college but all the kids I ever supervised and read bedtime stories to, were raised pretty properly and were fully aware that #2 goes in a toilet bowl with or without a big-boy seat.
Hence, no pictures from the beach today.
Later that afternoon, I made – as I find – a very sharp observation. Namely, the Buddha hand we have in our room looks remarkebly like the old-timey baseball mitt on my Twins T-shirt.
Ponder if this is a coincidence – I think NOT – and what are the consequences of that for the status and history id baseball worldwide with special consideration of America.

Since, you are of course already deeply pondering, I will not ask you to stay sharp.

Yours Markus \m/

On How To Start A New Day

I woke up early today and was able to watch nature getting ready for a new day. The acoustic background consisted of the marenga-like sound of crickets. On top of that were the chirps of birds. This all was reminiscent of an orchestra warming up. On occasion, a gecko or lizard was calling out “Ge-ckoo”. Pretty impressive. As the sun entered and broke through the curtain of clouds, the sounds ebbed down a bit only to expand into a full crescendo. It was a great way to start the day.
20140416-062255.jpg A day like this looks equally dramatic in black and white, as it enhances the shapes and shadows and highlights.
Good, now go ahead and make the best of today, I know I will.

Markus \m/