Kid Expells #2 Successfully – In Public! WHY?

Today, was probably the laziest day of my life. We generously skipped the morning meditation and subsequent Yoga practice and slept in instead. I read a little and then did a pre-breakfast nap – quite the experience.
Evidently, the came breakfast, followed by the post-breakfast nap. Upon waking up thoroughly rested, we walked to the beach. We sat down and the first we saw was a little Russian boy taking a dump in the beach, while his parents were frolicking in the water. Upon successful completion of said dump the little man started to cry.
It inly took the parents about 10 minutes to recognize the situation and remove the excrement.
While I was glad to see that there were no “gifts” left, I myst ask the question:”WTF?!?!?!?!?” Why would a 5 year old think it’s OK to shit in public? I am going out in a limb here, but I suppose because he has never learned any better from the people who are in charge of raising the kid – his parents. We need to have a license or certificate for even the simplest things, but not for raising kids – why, I must wonder. I live lids, I have baby sat throughout high-school and college but all the kids I ever supervised and read bedtime stories to, were raised pretty properly and were fully aware that #2 goes in a toilet bowl with or without a big-boy seat.
Hence, no pictures from the beach today.
Later that afternoon, I made – as I find – a very sharp observation. Namely, the Buddha hand we have in our room looks remarkebly like the old-timey baseball mitt on my Twins T-shirt.
Ponder if this is a coincidence – I think NOT – and what are the consequences of that for the status and history id baseball worldwide with special consideration of America.

Since, you are of course already deeply pondering, I will not ask you to stay sharp.

Yours Markus \m/


1 thought on “Kid Expells #2 Successfully – In Public! WHY?

  1. But(t), was he yelling “Who does number two work for?” while he was doing it?

    Definitely will share this one with the kids tonight. Poop humor is always good with my boys.

    Later, Dave

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