The Last Day

Hmmm, the last day of vacation is already upon us Time always passes so much faster when you d something you thoroughly enjoy and when worries and problems are absent. So, too with this vacation. It was great – not a hair in the soup, just beautiful.
So where did we actually stay? We stayed a “Vikasa – the evolution of yoga”.
The Vikasa resort is right between Chaweng Beach and Lamai Beach. The whole resort is aligned to giving you a specific experience – one centered around finding yourself, relaxing your mind and strengthening your body, by means of the yogic way of life. This is not a religious thing or some brainwashing, charlatan stuff. All classes are included in the price you pay and you choose if you want to participate. The majority of people making bookings here choose to participate in classes. But you have ample time to yourself where you go to the beach or snorkel along the coast. There are also excellent open water swims possible – which is what I did a few times. Snorkeling is great, too. I snorkeled almost every day, even for just a few minutes, I love it.
Food is also included in the price. It is a vegetarian buffet, that includes seafood. Two meals are served a day. Food was good and plenty and always fresh. But you can also at a la carte – which we never did. But we had freshly made fruit smoothies and shakes….O.M.G.!!!!20140419-072807.jpg
The dining area – clearly not a traditional hotel, but then it isn’t designed to be a traditional hotel.
20140419-073911.jpg In particular, I love these sculptures.
And to close this plug off, one last view from our room at sunrise.
20140419-074150.jpg Clearly, if your day starts like that, it is a great start and there is nothing to complain about.

Off to meditation and the final yoga practice of this trip.
Stay sharp and see you back in BKK.

Markus \m/


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