Still Life

On our way home from Khao Yai through the rainy jungle, we stopped at the Noen Hom Café. We enjoyed in a very civilized manner a Caffe Latte and while Barbara followed the call of the wild, I found still lives.
I have mentioned it a few times that these flowers are my favorites here in Thailand. Their shape is simple with five petals, but perfect. While the shape is perfect the fragrant smell is just over the top, especially in the hot humid jungle climate we had today. The flower arrangement was such that the part the happened in the makeshift vase was just as interesting as a still live as the flower itself.
Cool, huh… ?
Well, the short trip was really relaxing. I got a lot of shit out of my system and feel very relaxed now – Khao Yai is by far the best thing about living in Bangkok, a mere two hours north by car. In fact it is similar to living in. Minnesota, where people also go up north for about two hours to their cabin.
And with that odd comparison, I leave to to the ret of your weekend.
Stay sharp and root for Germany later today to defeat Argentina and claim the World Cup!

Markus \m/


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