A Mixed Bag

Today is a mixed bag, the use of remainders and remnants, journalistic Bauerng’röstl. I have two more images from Molybdenopolis, from the warehouse district. I have a still life and I have a sunset that was proudly presented to us by Mother Nature.
Molybdenopolis, a town build on ore mining and metal processing. A town such as this surely avails over warehouses where the goods can be stored until they are shipped and that’s what we have here. The warehouse district at sunrise.
The same neighborhood a few minutes later, with the sun already much higher on the horizon.
You see it was a beautiful day in Molybdenopolis. From what I hear, the Molybdenites we’re celebrating Germany’s victory in the Football World Cup in Brazil over Argentina. Toolinguria, does not have a football team that would be anywhere close to qualifying for any tournament. They stink, but apparently, Toolinguria sends a strong team to the Scottish Highland Games every year. Who knew?
NEXT! Still life, so we can calm down from all this Toolinguria warehouse district excitement.
No need for me to comment….enjoy the feeling of being transcended.
Onwards to the closing images of yesterday ….in fact the closing of the day that was yesterday – Wednesday.
Mother Nature staged her show right as we were enjoying dinner – an interruption of sorts, but it was worth it.
And you know it was worth it, when it’s worth it in colour AND black and white.

Stay sharp and find and enjoy your own mixed bags of whatever…mixed stuff.

Markus \m/


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