The Devil’s In The Detail

Today I went to the 200th Starbucks store in Thailand. Not that I have been to all 200, that this is my ambition. I just went there to have a short Caffé Latte and read my book over lunch. But her’s the kicker. The latte, even a short one is not cheap 90ThB ($3), but regardless what you think about Starbucks, the big corporate coffee behemoth they are now, they are doing something right. This store I visited – the only one out in the northern cuts of Bangkok – has got the same ambient as every other store in the world. And if you like that then more power to you. Starbucks is like a save haven when you are abroad and get a bit homesick. But the reason I write this today is, because Starbucks also has the details right – again regardless if you like that or not. But the simple latte-art of a heart in my froth, is just making me smile and lifting my spirits. If the beverage is then served with a friendly smile, the 90ThB don’t hurt that much anymore.

But enough of that. I just wanted to point out, that while entrepreneurial concepts are great, a detailed implementation is oh so critical for a strong brand and success.

Stay sharp.

Markus \m/


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