Overbearing Moms With Photos

Yes, today I will talk to you, the already overbearing moms and the future overbearing moms. please stop being overbearing or don’t even become it, because your are ruining your son’s wedding night. You read correctly, his wedding night, I tell you. And here is how came to this conclusion. We wee riding around on our bikes when nature was calling me. So we went to K- Village, because it was conveniently close. As I walk towards the men’s room, I see the backside of and aforementioned overbearing mom. This one was from India. She was pleading into the men’s room for her son Shaji to please come. “Shaji, Shaji, please come for me? SHAJI, please come for me.” And so forth. You see, she said “come for me”, which is still correct English, but what she grammatically wanted to say was “come TO me”. As. I pardoned myself to enter the. Men’s room, I walked towards the little man, Shaji. He was a scrawny kid with very dark skin, barefoot with tousled black hair – boys boy. He was about seven years old and he raised his eyebrows in exasperation at me, when he saw me. As if to say, “Mom, either let me go alone like the big boy I am or come along and tell me what to do, but stop ‘distance-pee-pee-coaching’ me and embarrassing me. I will come out when. I am done, not when it is most convenient for you.” When. I saw that look on his face, I realized this has not been the first time his mom pulled that stunt. She has done so in the past and she will continue in the future. When he his having his first girl friend and is about to rap at that door that opens to the hallway from boyhood to manhood, she will interrupt yelling for him “to come for her” because she can’t reach the top shelf to put the dishes away or something similar. By that time his internal monologue will chuckle embarrassed about the request “come for her”. But what can he do, she is his mother and that’s the way it’s been for the last 17 years. By the time he finally gets married, and he is about to enjoy the wedding night, he might (note, I said might, not will, as in thee is no guarantee, but there is a high probability that we will, hence might) be so paranoid that when it comes to The Deed, he will hear the voice of his mom inside his head, requesting him “to come for her” and that would be very wrong and awkward. This is something you do not want to be responsible for, am I right. So, have a little faith in your sons when they are little and have increasing faith in your sons as they grow up. Remember, you and your husband raised them. If he can’t manage a toilet by himself at seven, YOU have failed, not him. Maybe he needs to gain that experience experimentally (trying -> failing -> adjusting -> succeeding) by himself.
Alright, with that out of the way, let’s move on to the pictures.
Wood, yes, we used wood at work. And I saw it at a different angle.
The little wood pieces we use are about 10 by 10 millimeters and we use them as separators. Anyway, I had dropped something on the floor and when I raised myself after picking it up, I had an unusual viewpoint.
I will close with a decoration, I saw today in a Vespa store, where we we’re looking for a Vespa for Barbara. Not that she will ride one, but it is a dream of her – as in romantic notion – to ride through life on a Vespa (albeit an automatic one, since they don’t make the proper four-speed-wrist transmission anymore. So, here we go – Deco In The Vespa Store:
So there you have it, one story about an overbearing mom and three photos that have absolutely nothing to do with the story about the mom.

Stay sharp and have some faith in the products of your upbringing, they are capable.

Markus \m/


3 thoughts on “Overbearing Moms With Photos

  1. I’m a little worried for you Markus. Peeing and sex are not the same thing (R. Kelly aside). I believe you when you say the mom was over-doing it. That being said, it’s pretty scary to send a child into a public place alone that you are not allowed to enter. Logically I’m sure the mom was fine with it. Maternalistically, (is that a word) what’s going through her mind is probaby every story she’s ever heard about children being abducted or fiddled with in the men’s room. If you need some clarification about the differences between urinating and sexual intercourse I could send you and email explaining the differences :). Just don’t Google those two words together. It’ll only confuse the matter. 😉 (Say hello to your wife for me.)

    • Hm, you are making a good point. I was looking at it with empathy, because the boy was fine. The restroom had only one entrance/exit door and maybe, I am just too naïve/positive a person to I concern myself with sick perversions.
      I will say hello, but it would be so much better if you did it yourself in person at our place.

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