Cone Bra Move Over

Remember when Madonna debuted her cone bra in 1990? Well, here is the updated version for 2014/15.
It is flashier, yet simpler. It comes with fairy wings and a giant hole in the stomach to boot. To top the ensemble off there is a slick helmet with big Mickey Mouse ears and giant tribal holes in the earlobes. This is how it’s done, you heard?!

Markus \m/


Nature Rules

Nature Rules! And it rules with an iron fist. There is no arguing with nature, no begging and absolutely no negotiation whatsoever. She is also consistent, repeatable, generally reproducible and if you understand her rules predictable…..oh-so-predictable. For me as an engineer, nature is also the best engineer although she takes her sweet time. While we humans have developed processes to accelerate development like SLAM, 8D, 5S, 6 Sigma, she sticks to evolution. And this morning I found another great example of the evolution development process at work. This spidery little critter.
Tiny body with long-long really slender legs and no opposable thumbs – well you can’t have it all.
She was scaling the wall on wobbly legs (no wonder, due to lack of a well defined quadriceps), but scale she did, checking each step as if to make sure the wall would not give way all of a sudden.
That the evolution process if which we are all a product gives birth to this design as well is truly awesome.

With a sense of wonder, stay sharp and go out and wonder.

Markus \m/

News From Khao Yai

We are spending this weekend in Khao Yai. It is my favorite spot in Thailand to ride the bike. Why? You ask, because it has a mountain – a mountain to ride up and then to ride it down, too. But mostly to ride up. And despite that it is Thailand, a country not known for its alpine scenery, Khao Yai delivers for bicyclist. Riding up from the south side is a long ride. 32km and an accumulated 1000m in altitude gain. The north side is shorter but steeper. 14km and almost and 700m altitude gain. From the visitor center we took an additional tour of 12km to a view point, which added 300 more meters. The view from up there was rewarding. Overlooking a large part of the park.
I like the black and white shot better, but I know I am in the minority on that one.
On the way back we ride by a Buddhist shrine. What caught my eye evidently were all the animals – especially the Zebras, then I realized that it was a shrine, as I saw people kneeling and praying.
I figured, that his would be a good moment to think of my friend Ekkalak who passed away three weeks ago and with who I rode in this park exactly four weeks ago. I tell myself, that he smiled when I thought of him and that finally made proper use of the word “pathetic”.

An another entry is completed. I will now retire a bit and continue reading my book “the Golden Compass” and then another chapter in the “Blue Ocean Strategy” book.

Cheers and stay sharp….
Markus \m/

Race Car Graveyard

Similar to the Mojave desert’s airplane graveyard, I have discovered a race car graveyard just north of Bangkok. It was an awe inspiring sight to stumble across this gem of automotive engineering.
And just because it is so moving to gaze upon that historic site, once more in colour.

Now go out find your own hidden gem sites and stay sharp.
Markus \m/

The Magnificent Mile-long Boulevard Of The Eternal Victory Of Competence Over Utter Ineptness

Yes, Molybdenopolis has it’s own Boulevard of pride, where the citizens swagger along. It is similar in grandeur to New York’s 5th Avenue, Chicago’s Magnificent Mile, Minneapolis Niccolette Mall, Berlin’s Ku’damm, Paris’ Champps Ellysées and of course Bozen’s Unter Den Lauben. In Molybdenopolis the official name is “The Magnificent Mile-long Boulevard Of The Eternal Victory Of Competence Over Utter Ineptness”, or called by its nickname “the Mag”. As part of the current exhibition by Äügüstè Plûm, the Mag has been converted into a mile-long walkway of pointillist art. And it is a sight to behold. “Art Critics Distinguished” Magazine’s editor-in-chief called it “stunningly, breathtakingly, amazingly multicolored, representing all mankind for eternity, ever”. But see for yourself.
Don’t forget to breathe.
And with that long view down towards the horizon of possibilities, cure to world hunger and world peace I bid you Adieu for today, with my traditional request for you to stay sharp, for god’s sake.

Cheers from Molybdenopolis, Tooolinguria
Markus \m/

Reality, Bitch, Please!?

There are many tall tales in the history of (wo-)man. There is the Canadian gentlemen, who I overheard bragging that he scored seven times in one night with his Thai girlfriend. Then there is the German tale of the courageous Taylor, who killed seven flies with one swat and then had a belt made that stated that achievement – Seven In One Shot. In 12the grade I claimed to my math teacher, that I wasn’t paying attention, because I had just invented the crank and the right angle (only two inventions in one tall tale).
And then there is what happened just a few hours ago: Germany disassembling Brazil in the sport of football at a World Cup semi-final in Brazil. Supposedly, Germany scored on Brazil seven times, too in one night. I say supposedly because it, too seems like a tall tale…..a very tall tale and, yet it is true. Because unlike the Canadian bloke or the courageous Taylor, there were spectators present live, via TV in living rooms and at fan-miles and even at the oddest of times.
While I am happy and incredulous that Germany won and advanced with Hurray-Football to the World Cup finals on Sunday, I want to thank one person for making this all possible. Jürgen Klinsmann, the now coach of Team USA. When he took over after an disastrous Euro 2004, he put all the things in place that we now cheer on – Hurray Football. And he is doing the same thing again with Team USA and it’s bearing fruit already. While I have my doubts that football will ever be as popular in America as American Football, Basketball, Hockey or Baseball, Team USA will be a force to be reckoned with in international football. But that’s besides the point.
The point is Germany disassembled Brazil in their home country Ina World Cup semi-final and although it seems like a tall tale, Germany has done it and will play either against Holland or Argentina on Sunday for the Cup.

Stay sharp, although I am still flabbergasted.

Markus \m/

The Molybdenopolis Art Scene

Saturday night the Molybdenopolis Museum For Avantgarde & Contemporary Art – the MACA, as the Molybdenopolites call it – had a big opening of a new Expo, by native daughter Äügüstè Plûm. His art is polarizing, yet always unique. The current exhibition focuses on the seemingly unsolvable and eternal conflict of industry and art, labor and pleasure. So before I continue blathering on, let’s get right into Äügüstè’s installations.
Here luxury cars are covered in big fat paint blotches.
The randomness and the simplicity and clarity of the colors represent the simple life and desires of the working class, while the luxury sports car represents the fruit of the laboratory enjoyed by the few wealthy Molybdenopolites – there is clearly a social critical aspect to the work of Äügüstè. Her work is at a superficial level very playful and happy, yet there is a dark depth to it, that makes the connoisseurs and educated art lover slightly uncomfortable.
Äügüstè installations are not just limited to the MACA, but are on display also about town, integrated into the cityscape.
Here the spectator is looking down from the old stock exchange building onto an installation. But the most popular installation is clearly the carousel installation. 20140708-185231-67951440.jpg
And with that final view just shortly before the the fair will be opened, I leave you alone mesmerized by the art you have just witnessed.

Stay sharp and think about a trip this weekend to Molybdenopolis or just your local museum.

Markus \m/