I Ran The BKK Half-Marathon…

….. despite of fears of not finishing.
The plan was that I would do well this year at the BKK half. I ran, I trained, I was doing well. My plan was to convert the 3 weeks in the Himalaya, where I would either challenge myself and grow my performance potential or fade away with God know what….high altitude sickness, whatever. But I did well in the Himalaya – as you have read here numerous times. But then I came back and instead of getting my usual three times of running in a week, I got in one lousy time on the Saturday after our return. Plaqued by fatigue and the aftermath of a cold and Khumbu cough, Idid not run or swim or work out any other way. As time passed, I realized I needed to change my expectations from P.R. to “I hope, I will cross the finish line, dammit.” So, at 3:00am, I rose to make the 4:00am start time.
IMG_1183.JPG Getting to said start line was more difficult that I thought. The taxi drivers in Bangkok have turned to first-grade assholes – well not all, but the vast majority. They won’t drive people places anymore. I don’t know what they want, but picking up clients and then driving them from A to B is the job description, there is not much more about it. So, do your damn job.
Anyway, when I finally got there, there were others at the start line, too – as depicted in the above photo. These were the people ahead of me waiting for the fun to go off. Depressing, because it means you have to weave through thousands until you can eventually run your own race. But wait there is more.
IMG_1184.JPG. These were the poor schmucks that were behind me, they had even more people to run past. Anyway, I chose a slow pace, due to that fear of falling apart because of lacking training – 6:15min/km, nothing to brag about.
At 7km, I thought that this was a nice jog and that I am ready for the finish line now. But there were 14 more kilometers to go. True to Thai organization, the kilometer markers were placed…..what the word? At random. It beats me why it is so hard to drop a distance marker exactly one kilometer apart. Maybe there is no App for it, yet, because Thais love their iPhones, but that is a completely separate entry. I will just say, that when I see couples in their teens and twenties go out, they both stare at their phones, where as when I was younger (yes, here it comes) we made out had and heavy. I do not see how an iPhone can be even remotely as exciting as making out. People there is not smartphone required when you are making out with the chick you are currently in love with. But that’s all I want to say at this point.
So, my running got harder, pain, fatigue, doubts make their appearance. But then I thought “Screw it, I have seen people that have a reason to be moaning and it’s not me.” It’s these guys. Porters in the Khumbu valley, carrying convenience for the rest of us up the mountain in comfortable +40kg loads. They have a reason to bitch moan and complain ”
This guy, who’s getting his forehead wrinkles massaged out, has no reason whatsoever.
So suck it up and run!

And that’s my BKK Half Marathon story. Oh, yes, I finished in 2:15:17, like an old Diesel truck.

Cheers and stay sharp.

Markus \m/


2 thoughts on “I Ran The BKK Half-Marathon…

  1. More important than the final time was your will to keep going on. Well done! I am much more surprised that you were ready to run so early in the morning a Half marathon! As I know you normally you are not the early bird:) I hope that you are in good condition tomorrow morning

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