Thanks Giving Is Nothing Without Friends And Family

It is another Thanks Giving and it almost snuck by unnoticed. But we caught it and held on to the memories. Because of all the holidays that we have experienced and or participated in ever since we left Germany, Thanks Giving is by far my favorite. It is hard to explain why I love it so much and why it has so much meaning to me, but I will try.

Thanks Giving starts after the first Labor Day – the first Monday in September. Within a week or two the planning starts and invitation are made to “come over” for THXG. From that moment of when we knew where we’d be, I was looking forward to the four-day holiday. Depending on where you are and how deep you are with the people inviting, one might be asked to bring something or not. For you see, Thanks Giving is THE FAMILIY HOLIDAY. It is all about family….and eating and catching up…and watching the football game….and then watching the Thanks Giving episodes of whatever the hottest NBC Thursday sitcoms are. About eating, it is actually more grazing. The Thanks Givings we have been to, usually had twenty people on average at any given time. The reason I say it like this is, because some boyfriend / girlfriends or just friends would pop in and out, while some uncles would disappear for a nap. It’s has always been very casual and laid back.

When we lived in the upper Midwest, we might have snow on the ground already and it was definitely below freezing.

And now, this is our 5th year where we are NOT with friends and family on this holiday. Instead we are in Bangkok, where Summer just won’t end. It is still freaking hot and humid. Traffic has gotten worse in the last four weeks. The only thing that reminds a yearning soul that it is Winter, is that it is dark outside by 5:45 pm. Other than that nothing. Unlike last year, we still sleep with the AC on, we have the windows closed, because else the humidity would liquify us (and who wants that?). And I went to work yesterday toiling and trying to get new product defined, designed and developed. An even though the company we did all this work with was great and we ate together, it is not Thanks Giving, the experience is different. And I noticed that difference and I was a little sad, that another year without us being able to participate in Thanks Giving with the people we love passed.

And with that little reminiscence and declaration of love to our friends in Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota, I wish you all a Happy Thanks Giving.

Yours Markus \m/


1 thought on “Thanks Giving Is Nothing Without Friends And Family

  1. I comprehend and I feel sympathy! But perhaps you should take some days off next year and you will spend your time in the States. But perhaps much of your good feeling are more in your memories and the reality would be different. That s it what I have learned many times when I wanted to repeat events! Mostly disappointing. I really hope that many of your friends in the States remember you as well and they sent you their greetings. At least I wish you a nice THXG- although we do not know in Deutschland

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