Closing The Year…..

….Opening a new one.
Alright, my last post has been almost three weeks ago. Well, I went to Germany for work and then stayed for Christmas. One should think that such a trip would offer plenty of topics to post about and one would be correct. However, the combined showtime of the sun over a two week period of 23 minutes and 47 seconds left me uninspired and close to being depressed. I have no idea how I managed 27 years in Germany, when Night seizes at 8:30 and starts again at like 14:30. It brings me down, primarily because I have become a sun-spoiled wuss in Thailand.
Anyway, here are a few impressions from Germany’s best part – The South-west.
A candle stand in a church in Heidelberg.
And another one, followed by a depressing view from the famous Heidelberg castle.
With all this Blues, a man needs a Pick-Me-Up…as in hot chocolate.
After the cocoa we walked back home….it was getting dark quickly…at about 16:00.
We also spent some quality time in the Porsche museum in Stuttgart. The museum was doing it’s best to help get people into the season’s mood.
Unfortunately, for the 40th year in a row I put a simple wish on my list for Santa Clause and again a dubious and very questionable explanation why JUST this year my wish for a Porsche 911 went unfulfilled, again!!! Since I have heard every excuse imaginable, like Libyan separatist shook Santa down, sled was full, Rudolph felt sluggish and so forth, I will add for 2015, that factory delivery is completely acceptable…honestly, perfectly acceptable.
We also attended a great photo expo in Mannheim’s Zephyr (C4) gallery. The expo featured photographs of musicians by Norman Seeff. And what did I see, he apparently took the back cover photo for Van Halen’s “Women And Children First” album – good man.
And now we are back in Thailand on a tour through the Northeast and the central north. This area is stunningly beautiful and most importantly to me, it has wild bamboo growing all over.

Yep and now 204 is about to expire within the next hour and people are starting to let their lantern float into the sky, a very nice and serene way to end a year.
With that, I wish you – all of you, from all the 129 countries you come from – my dear readers a truly good, healthy and happy new year 2015.

See you on the flipside.
Yours Markus \m/

What I Saw And What I See

Since November there has been feverish construction at Benjasikti Park. This is the place where I usually run in the morning. But not so much lately, due to said construction efforts.
Then since December 1st, there have been choirs singing after sunset and fireworks every evening after 9:30pm.
Thus, this is what saw from my balcony.
After much research, I was able to find that the singing, construction and fireworks are all part of a musical shown between December 1st and the 9th. After, still more research and calling in favors I managed to get a ticket for the show on Monday night.
It all started poorly. I will only mention that the seating assignments were left with some clueless, disinterested and powerless youths. But eventually – before the show started – I and a few others had a seat.
What happened then was top-notch spectacular and very very beautiful.IMG_4929.JPG
Multiple stages were set ip in the artificial lake at Benjasikti and the backdrops were created with giant projectors – some against the backwall of the stages, some against the facades of the high rise office buildings on the other side of Ratchadaphisek Road.
The story is told quickly. A prince gets kicked out of his kingdom, after some traveling with trials and tribulations he decides to restore his fathers and his own honour. He masters a few more challenges, marries the princess, ascends the throne, fathers a healthy son and rules the kingdom with his wisdom and foresight into prosperity.
I didn’t understand a word, bit the fast flashing subtitles helped. The music, singing and overall visual production were superb and left me with beautiful memories.

Stay sharp
Markus \m/

Spontaneous Street Art

I watched the Hunger Games yesterday evening. And although I hate the studios for splitting even the shortest books nowadays into multiple movies, I liked the film very much. I read the books in 2012 and loved them….although they are written in present tense. I know, I am old fashioned, but when I am being told a story, I want it told like when I was a kid – and all stories back then were past tense.
Anyway – is the word we are looking for. I liked the movie; movie was over and I walked home, down the stairs at the Asok BTS station and what does my eye spot – spontaneous street art. Instantly I switched into Henri Cartier Bresson mode and fire away – perfectly at the “decisive moment” I captured these dynamic still-lives.
IMG_4888.JPG I love the randomness in color and arrangement and how this sucks the viewer’s eye in.
IMG_4886.JPG Now we add a fresh Summer color like the lime yellow/green and the image starts to scream a little. Yet, there is authenticity. Think how many hands have “worked” on this wall. Evidently, what I now view as art and what I find interesting, was created out of multiple acts of vandalism. And yes, I guess I am an optimist, trying to see opportunity and beauty where others don’t.
Onward to the last item.IMG_4884.JPG Aha, finally some order – straight lines intersecting each other at a proper right angle – that’s more like it (said the imaginationally challenged. There I just made up a new word: imaginationally, you’ve never heard that before, but feel free to use it generously).
Cool, I am off to work now and I want to read a few more pages in my book “the Simpsons and their mathematical secrets, by Simon Singh” – an excellent read.

So I bid you Sayonara and kindly request you to stay sharp.
Yours Markus \m/

P.S.: A challenge for the truly audacious. Pick any of the three images above, print it out 2 x 1.5m, hang it in your office and pretend to be an Big Boy Pants Art Maven.