Life Is Oh-So-Easy…

Today we were walking through BKK, minding our own business, sweating in silence, dripping with a vengeance. It has gotten hot and quickly, but who am I to complain. I endure my lot dripping on sweat bead at a time. But, we still kept eyes and ears open – not only to avoid getting killed by one of the many otherwise occupied car drivers, but also to soak up the city we live (and sweat, if I have not mentioned it, yet, it is H.O.T. In the city of Angels).

I love straight-talk. It is refreshing and saves time – everyone wins. And if there are still questions, you can still ask. Not so with this sticker – it leaves nothing open, it is pretty clear.. BTW this is a semi-finished …honestly, I don’t know what it is supposed to be. It has a table in it, someday the plastic protection will be pulled off the plexiglass and it has a roof. Maybe it’s family phone booth…in a country and city where literally everyone has a cellphone.

Observation #2, is this female youth who apparently had the opportunity to reject wrinkles when Father Time was trying to slap them on her still smooth face. I must say, I DID NOT KNOW THAT. A simple “No Thank You” would have kept me from resembling a relief map more with every passing day.

NEXT! A cool sticker I saw slapped on a street light pole. Whoever put it ther, knew that this a was perfect location – NOT! Unless the person doing the sticking was hoping for the person doing the viewing to be over 185cms (6’2″), the sticker is unfortunately affixed a good 50cms too high for the average Native Bangkokian.

And finally, the abstract shot of the day:

Okeydokey, that is that.

Stay sharp and sayonara.

Yours truly Markus \m/

GingerBreadMan Is Gettin’ A Little Some Some – Ep.:3

Brad is also very popular with the ladies – a true Ladies Man, if you will, minus the Courvoisier. There he is, Barry White playing seductively in the background, while he and his lady-friend are enjoying themselves.

Sidenote: Being a GingerBread Couple has its clear limitation in the intimacy department – it lacks a proper, fully developed third dimension…..until then it’s all like Barbie and Ken; Ken that is, not G.I. Joe.IMG_1228 Brad, being smart, comes prepared (no pun intended, or is it?). The little rubber bag he just used, he throws on the floor in exhaustion, while the two lovers catch their gingerbread breath.
IMG_1229-0 This of course was very careless. When Brad gets up to get a refreshment for his lady-friend, he slips on the little, glibbery latex product and finds himself briefly suspended in mid-air.IMG_1230The dark clouds on the horizon should have given it away, that all this pleasure cannot just end just like that.

IMG_1231 When Brad finally is back on earth the impact on the hardwood floor breaks his leg in two. And that is a real bummer. Moments ago Brad was frolicking in the heavens of physical delights and now someone, somewhere is getting a cast ready for Brad’s leg to mend. Let’s hope he will be better soon.

Markus \m/

Hidden Nooks And Crannies

Yesterday, the muse kissed me. Actually, she seduced me and made sweet-sweet love to me…or so I tell myself. All this happened over a cup of coffee . I am just pointing this out to make clear that thus entry is totally PG and all above the waist. IMG_5231 Take a look at this unassuming picture. You see a cup of latte – big deal.
But in closer inspection, in the upper right corner, nicely out of focus lurks a keylime pie tart – very good. And on even closer inspection you recognize features of Brad, who only a few hours later should start his ascend to fame for his ordinary adventures in a two dimensional world.
And there you have it, surprising things sometimes hide in nooks and crannies and corners.

Sayonara dudes and stay sharp
Markus \m/

GingerBreadMan Rocks Hard – Ep.2

Tonight, Brad plays in front of a huge crowd at the Coliseum of Molybdenopolis. Brad is the front man and singer of Van Ginger. And they rock hard!

Ep1-1His leg has just healed from the dog poo spill on his skateboard. Tonight Van Ginger is playing its first concert in 16 years in front of the home crowd.



Van Ginger always rocks oh-so-hard. They wrote the book on live rock performances. Girls – CHECK, debauchery – CHECK, more girls – CHECK, mayhem – CHECK, still more girls – CHECK, destroyed hotel rooms – CHECK, and of course girls – CHECK, 15 homes – CHECK, blond girls – CHECK, exotic cars – CHECK, you name it Van Ginger started it and does it still.


The guitars are screaming, the basses thundering and the drums driving the crowd oh-so-wild. The crowd is at a boiling point in no time. The people of Toolinguria haven’t seen big heavy metal acts in decades, so they are ready to let off steam – a lot!!



In the throes of exuberance and ecstasy, Brad goes stage-diving, expecting to be carried on the hands of thousands of fans. But instead they split. You see, Brad is a big dude and Toolingurians are not used to stage diving.

Ep2-4Brad hits the ground hard and….breaks a leg. Man, that is a real bummer. Let’s hope his leg heals soon, so he and Van Ginger can continue their tour.


Cheers Markus \m/



The Adventures Of GingerBreadMan – Ep.:1

Ep1-1There lives a young man on the outskirts of Molybdendopolis. Molybdenopolis is a big city in a far away country called Toolinguria. The man’s friends call the man, Brad. Brad as in Brad Ginger. Brad loves to live his simple life to the fullest.

Ep1-2Brad loves to skate through the streets of his neighbourhood.



He ollies over the trash cans that the neighbours left on the sidewalk.

Ep1-4Some people think yell at him “Punk!!” for grinding the handrails on the stairs. But he does it anyway. The only thing Brad fears is dog-shit. Because when you skate through dog shit, you can take a spill…..and that sucks, oh-so-bad. It’s a real bummer.

Ep1-5Brad didn’t see the pile of dog poo at the end of the stairs where he was just grinding oh-so-fine. He landed, he slipped and broke a leg. That is a bummer, dude. Let’s hope he gets better soon.

Cheers, drink your cocoa and have a cookie with it.

Markus \m/






I Am Still Here

Sorry about my absence – blog-wise. I was traveling for work and simply did not have the muse to write. Even though, my entries often look like random “muse-free” ramblings, I still need to be kissed by a muse to produce even something like that. Throughout my school career I have dreaded writing essays. I think, it was because my teachers were not too impressed by my brevity. Get to the point and be done. I remember, in 12th grade writing about the ever-popular “Nathan der Weise” (not a lower ranked wizard from “Lord Of The Rings”). We had 4 full hours. especially my female classmates flooded up to 12 sheets of paper – front and back – wit their thoughts. I treated the topic most exhaustively in 90minutes and 3 1/2 pages – which yielded a C-, may have been a D+, too,  try to forget these dark days.

Anyway, we will now stop to discuss my middle and high school career and focus on what’s been happening since the last entry – two toy fairs. Toy fairs are an unfair event. There are tons of toys – and if you are  far away from China, companies actually show all their new stuff, too. If the fair takes place too close to China, everyone shows drones, triple copters, quad-copters, hexa-copters, octo-copters from cutesy palm sized to scary room-filling. The Hong Kong was a remote controlled drone extravaganza, while Nürnberg was the bees knees. You go to Nürnberg for the toy fair and Bob’s Your Uncle. Everyone shows what they have and people encourage you to try their products out (except for remote controlled aerial vehicles, some of them can kill a person). But slot car racing, I caught up on 25 years of missed racing.

Sidenote: A few years ago, my buddy Brian had a son – actually his wife had the son, he only made a key contribution during conception, but that is not the point. When I heard he had a kid I started suggesting that it would be time to start buying a slot car racetrack – preferably from Carrera. But he never did – I even told him where in Minneapolis they had a fantastic selection. He had to wait until I had left America, moved to Thailand and even then he waited for a few more years just to be sure, I was gone – then and only then, I think he finally bought a racetrack……bastard, you could have bought the set and extra cars and tracks easily, for Erik’s 6month jubilee – he could have watched as we had had so much fun.

So at the toy fair I played and it was oh-so-grand. At home, I brought up the topic, of possibly buying a racetrack myself and this idea was rejected even before i was able to complete the sentence explaining said idea. But back to the toy fair. I must say I was really impressed by the model railroaders. When i was little I loved going fast with the little trains, until my friend from school – Frank – corrected me that a steam engine locomotive would never pass an electric locomotive….but it just did. Also, there were far too few accidents. Needless to say, I am not a model railroader. But I can appreciate the art and engineering that going into creating the models nowadays.


Look at the tiny details of this black steam engine with a silver water tankard a coal tender (the coal carriage behind the cockpit).Train2


Same thing here, the pushrods and linkages, that connect the wheels and then connect to the piston, the hydraulic lines and valves. That is amazing to me and beautiful to look at. Unfortunately, they are not toys for 5 year olds. In fact they goo far beyond the pocket money (allowance) frame of anything I or my buddies ever had…probably until I started to earn my own money.

Train1The exhibitors for model railroad systems all had setup beautiful dioramas with detailed landscaping, houses, train stations – delightful and great to visit as an adult. Children would literally experience sensory overload and would likely start crying unconsolably (think fall the thing they would want – understandably so) or just faint (the realization that there is a heaven…I mean I was overloaded the first two days and slept horribly).

But this is all in the past. I am back in Bangkok going to work and making the best toy cars under the sun. 
And if I have a bad day, I practice Muay Thai, where the sandbag gets it handed from me…or as in this case, I just take pictures of people sparring with a coach.

MuayThaiThere you have it. I will now try to post in tighter spaced and more regular intervals again.

Until the next, stay sharp and Sayonara dudes.

Markus \m/