Readers Digest Of Angkor And Beng Mealea

We went to Cambodia last weekend. I have my friend Joe to visit and taking pictures is always great fun and very inspiring with him. Thus, I thought since we have been all over Bangkok, why not go to Angkor and Being Mealea.

No everyone knows Angkor Wat and its fantastic buildings surrounded and some taken over by jungle. But then there is Being Mealea, about 70km outside of Siem Reap. We thought we’d have the ruins to ourselves….and we did not. Instead, we had about 10 big busses chockfull with Chinese tourists. Now I understand that when you have to compete against 1.2 billion others that you need elbow, but people you are on vacation, so relax. There is no need to barrel through these places screaming, shouting, bumping as if you’d be the wild hordes themselves led by Genghis Khan conquering the world.

But anyway, I will write more about this trip and just wanted to show a few images of this recent trip. Pictures taken after the busses with said tourists had left again and the jungle and ruins were collectively exhaling again.

Tree1-BMAngkor and the temples in that area fascinate visitors from all over the world, because nature makes such a great effort to reclaim what was once hers. Trees extend roots over the century old builds, slowly tearing them down.



This has been our second time to the area and overtime it feels like we are in an Indiana Jones adventure. If you are not in awe about this place, then you apparently forgot to pack you soul.

TaPhrom-Tree2One of the most famous sights of Angkor – Ta Phrom with its large tree grasping the building below.

Another very famous complex is the Bayon, with its many faces.



A trip that is absolutely worth it and is even more fun and impressive when you show a little respect and reverence, instead of just checking it off your bucket list.


Cheers, stay sharp and remember that you don’t just see with your eyes, but also with your heart, paraphrasing Antoine De Saint Exupery.

Markus \m/





Call To Show A Little Love Heeded

A friend of mine from India fessed up, that he was a little underchallenged and sought refuge in these here stories. That is something I am very happy about. that it provided mental shelter and entertainment to a dear reader. More power to you.

Now, but this evidently opens another question. Why do companies underchallenged their staff – I did not say bore. But look, when you have a V-12 quadruple turbo charged engine, you don’t drive it on ask humbug during rush hour….or ever.

But I will not pontificate in this today. So all, that’s left to say is:”Stay sharp dear and best readership of this here blog”

Cheers Markus \m/

GingerBreadMan – Struggling With Complexity

thus far Brad’s life has been pretty good, due to simplicity. Life was based on a black and off-white environment, temperature was constant as was humidity. But this morning, life played a very cruel joke on Brad – it gave Brad a conscience and a brain. All this happened overnight and so unbeknownst to Brad, he banged his gingerbread body head first against the box he lives in for usually a quarter of a story.

Sending shockwaves through his brittle gingerbread body.. Fortunately he did I not break a leg or any other limb – something that usually happens frequently.

The next kick in the groin was Brad’s discovery of life as a two dimensional gingerbread man in a three dimensional world, where time progresses in square increments instead of continuously. Although, only yesterday, Brad had no concept of time…..all in all a lot to swallow and digest.

OK, let’s be generous and say Brad is two and a half dimensional. That can be a shocker, indeed. But life was not done with Brad, yet. Next it confronted Brad with another stupid reality – understandably, Brad has been tiring of these changes – this is way worse than puberty, say what you will. You go to bed one evening, blissfully unaware of everything. And the next day, you get confronted that your life is limited to a two by two inch box, that God is a three dimensional dude with pale skin and a black ink pen. On top of that the rest of the world appears to have 50% more dimensions than Brad – when does this cruel injustice end?

but life was not done, yet. Next Brad met his doppergängers. Plopp, went that bubble that contained the illusion of uniqueness – to be a one of a kind. Now, Brad has to face that he is the product of a cookie-cutter conception process. That is all a bit much too stomach before breakfast and Brad -again understandably – looses it a bit. (Because this blog is visited by minors, I must publish the clean version, as Brad’s losing it contained a very generous carpet bombing of F-bomb usage)

Luckily, Brad did not break anything today and mentally, I am sure, Brad will adjust to his new reality. For a Rockstar, magnificent lover and skater, all this holds more opportunity than Brad or his cookie cutter close can imagine right now.

Until the next, when we will check in with Brad again.

Cheers Markus \m/

Show A little Love

Wow, yesterday I had a monster day on this blog. I kid you not. There was one reader – ONE!!! (1) who was so unbelievably smitten by this here blog, that he or she proceeded to look – well I suppose look – at pretty much all entries on this here site. Can you believe that? Now, evidently, this not what really transpired. Yes, there was one visitor from India, but I doubt that he/she was all that smitten, salivating over every word I wrote and being just dumbfounded by the overwhelming awesomeness of my photography. No, I think it was just a complete down load. And look at that, your access dwarfed all my other daily hits. 497 times. You either read super fast or…well, I am being positive about this, no “or thoughts”.

Now, I am cool with that, I suppose it’s all out in the public domain. But, if a person goes through all the trouble of visiting all entries, I think a comment, just a single comment on the entries would not be to much to ask for. It’s a common courtesy.

So c’mon my good man or good woman, show me some love……because it’s the right thing to do.

Sayonara and namast dudes and dudettes.

Markus \m/

A Word About The Wire…

This is definitely a first – this entry is about TV. When I came to America, I went through something that is comparable to a university education in American culture. For about a year I had an evening routine of a double dose of “The Simpsons” on Fox, followed by a double dose of “The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air” on the WB. Especially The Simpsons were a graduate class in American culture. Obviously, friends helped, too. Later, much later I would get another graduate class about an America I have never lived in and only heard about. That class was more like seminar with multiple professors. there were Prof. McNulty, Prof. Keema, Prof. Carver, Prof. Bubbles and of course the President of the university Prof. Omar and many more. The university was called”The Wire” by HBO.

The Wire is the rawest TV series I have ever seen. I don’t know if it is authentic, but it sure feels that way – raw and authentic. Regardless, it was convincing and compelling. The Wire takes place in Baltimore. It looks at the drug problem in the inner city from many different angles and introduces many parties directly and indirectly involved. In this problem.

The first season examines the relation between the drug dealers and their hierarchy and the police and its hierarchy. How the goals change for both groups the further one goes up the hierarchy. It examines at the risk, reward and punishment systems on booth sides.

The second season looks the supply chain of the drugs. It considers other “products” that get relayed along the same supply chain infrastructure. But also the slow death of a once prosperous port, it’s unions and families in Baltimore has its time to tell its story.

The third season casts an even wider net as it ventures into alternative ways of addressing the drug problem. Ways that produce successes, but clash with long established popular ethics and paradigms. Also the ways politics is involved and is contributing to the drug problem in the community is sketched out.

The second the last season focuses on children who are born, raised and live in the communities defined by drug trade and the the constantly present violence as well as the schools and teachers in such environments .To me this is the toughest season, because it shows that not all men are equal. 

The fifth and final season introduces the press and how their commercial interests conflict with the journalistic integrity and standards. This is a tough one, too. Because, as a person ope acting a blog, I can relate to the desire to have a big readership. But then to me this is a hobby, while journalists need to make a living in a world where superficiality and flashy headlines appear to sell more than in depth exploration of an issue. 

All five seasons are highly addictive to me – we are watching it for the fifth time in seven years or so. While entertaining and voyeuristic to an extend, the series provides a believable insight into the social, economic, budgetary and educational challenges and interdependencies of these challenges. The Wire is not entertainment you watch while texting or doing anything else – it does not deserve that, it deserves the viewer’s full attention.

I felt compelled to beat the drum a bit for a The Wire, because the series has so impressed me for so many years.

Stay sharp 

Cheers Markus \m/

Stranger Than Fiction

in Bangkok we have a pretty good community of graffiti artists. Sure, you may also disagree with the term artists and call them punks or bums, but to me graffiti- if done nicely – is art. I have shown some works here off an on. Today it is a parrot, smoking a doobie (presumably) rocking on his back, taking her easy. Clearly a work of fiction. Or at least I have not seen that many smoking parrots rocking.

But then again, this is what I saw in reality life yesterday morning while riding around the airport on the green bike path. 

What say you now? I almost fell off my bike. I rode, still not fully awake and then there is a parrot riding shot-gun on the aerobars, looking me straight in the face – all dignified.

You think about that to stay sharp.


Markus \m/

Cool Sticker Art

since, the highly praised muse, after she loved me so gently last week has not called back since, I need to rely on just looking around.

Why muse, why do you not call back? What did I do or fail to do? The Gingerbread Man needs you, I need you. It’s like back in the day when you attended a Guns And Roses concert and the announcer opened with:”You wanted the best. well, they couldn’t f#%^in make it. So here’s what you get – Guns And Roses” 

And here is what you get – the face of an original dude cut in half by a flashy flash-line. Can you believe your luck?

So there you go. At least it’s original art, I am bringing to you.

Cheers, stay sharp and if you see my Gingerbread Man muse, please tell her to come back to me.

Markus \m/