…and I suck at it. So to speak, by the spur of the moment, we decided to try out juicing. Thailand –> fresh delicious fruit –> fresh fruit juice. You follow? – good, then you agree this should be a laugh..that’s what I thought. Naturally, I agree and was sort of full of enthusiasm. Then came the juices….wait, wait, wait, you think “what about the why, why the hell do you think jiving would be a necessity?…….ri-i-i-i-i-ight, I thought we’d just sort of skip this part. It sounded so good, detoxification. I thought I could in fact pay my body back a little for the many years it has held up so nicely and allowed me to do so many things in life. BUT, that was my consciousness, the food heart in me, that had these highflying ulterior motives. Hm, who is missing in this story? Right, the reptilian core, the most ancient, most stubborn, least agreeable part of the human brain. And despite, my body and my consciousness not being hungry, the reptilian core was P.I.S.S.E.D! and he let us know about it. Oh, man did I feel off kilter. After 24hrs I was being told that I was oh so hungry. Mental checking disclosed this as a blatant lie. My reptilian core sat sulking in a corner, hatching a new, improved plan. Increase the complaint frequency and increase the volume of complaining. Just to ensure the message would come across, there was screaming and kicking added. All this makes for an epic struggle, and yes, “makes” (present tense) because this is the last day – today (5/31/2015), day 5.

This is now a good time to pick up the threat of the fact that we are in Thailand and my oh-so high expectations for the juices. Let me start by saying that they are healthy, very healthy, very, very healthy…oh-so very goddam healthy. Let me continue by saying that my favorite juice by far, by very very far, was the juice we got as a replacement for the Coconut Water With a Cinnamon Stick in it – it was the Pineapple-Apple-Mint juice. I know Coconut water is allegedly, so I have been told, again very healthy and good for your body. However, coconut water makes my dry-heave, gagg, I do not like the smell nor the taste. The Pineapple-Apple-Mint juice was the one white tulip on a black laver rock field. The other juices were, besides healthy vegetable juices. Vegetables squeezed to a painful death for my juicing p,ease were cucumber (why, are you kidding me!), kale (don’t know what that is), carrots (hello gorgeous), ginger (oh so exotic), red beets (I know you), spinach (Popeye made me love you), broccoli (you can give juice?). Granted they were fresh and they were healthy, but as I was expecting FRUIT juices, they required a continental shift of a mental adaptation on my part, which I managed – no thanks to the reptilian core – to achieve. 

Finally, what’s the summary? Consciously and physically I felt excellent. I was able to work out without restrictions. I recovered a little slower. I slept very well and felt mentally sharp. Will I do it again? Yes, but I will have to prepare my reptilian core, similar to preparing an unruly 5yr old when you go visit aunty Katherine with her 3 award winning poodles and dozens of Hummel figurines for the weekend. “If you are a good boy, we will have ice cream and ride the Summer luge track on the way back. So, please show Mommy and daddy how well you can behave – like a real big boy.”

Oh, I also lost 4kg in 5 days and a completely new appreciation for chubby people who desperately have to and want to lose weight – I salute you.
Cheers and stay sharp (juicing facilitates that, provided you take the reptilian core, that ugly bastard)

Markus \m/


Money Taste

<> is a mathematical way of using symbols to state that A is not equal to B. We could have also used a programming reference: !=, but that would have been toO geeky.

Anyway, today is a little bit of a sad entry. You see where I live there are many people who apparently earn a lot of money, perhaps too easily and also perhaps they are earning it too fast. What I am about to show you is tough to watch, so continue at your own risk. For people who have a natural sense of style and taste might find this shocking. Let me ease you into this one. It is a car. Now, a few years ago, Porsche, a German sports car manufacturer, decided to build something unbelievably blasphemous, just to indulge Russian Oligarchs, “nouveau riche” Chinese and said people else where in the world with excess money, yet a surprising lack of taste and style. The car Porsche builds is called the Panamera. People buy it, so good for Porsche as a company – contribution margin generator, I am cool with that, I understand. But today I saw this:

Yes, this is it. a matte gold paint- or possibly worse foil-job. in the words of John McEnroe:”You Cannot Be Serious!”. If I take a step back, I cannot but wonder and simply ask in disappointed disbelief:”Why? Why would anyone do this?”

Yes, lots of money can buy you expensive things, but unfortunately and very evidently it does not buy you style and taste.

As always I ask you stay sharp, but please also look out for those who do not heed the advice to stay sharp and prevent people from making mistakes such as the one above – look out for your fellow man…..I do not believe a woman could ever be so lost.

Cheers Markus \m/
Addendum: I read through this entry again this morning. I think it comes across as too judgemental. This was not my intention. To me personally, I just don’t get it, that is why I asked “Why?” I am sure that the owner who did this enjoys this car in this decoration tremendously. And I also have to admire the courage. So, what I am expressing was just my own personal viewpoint – my opinion on the things I see happening around me. The car in this picture would simply not be my cup of tea at all. This morning there was a Mercedes Benz E-Class parked next to it in battleship gray (matte, of course) with two black “go-fast” stripes down the middle. Maybe it’s just a practical joke. Again, I do not get it and there is nothing wrong with that or the cars. I will continue to joyfully ride the streets of Bangkok on my skateboard, before I’d be caught in a matte gold Panamera or a battleship gray E-class with go fast stripes…..