To Start A Day

Today and tomorrow Thailand is on holiday – sweet, I’ll take it and will not complain. We are taking our visitors out – as I write we are in a taxi – to the river to ride around in a boat through the Khlongs and the port. But before we had breakfast. Poached eggs, with salad and aspargus and toast. Barbara went fashionably spartan – ….

So off we go to victory. 

Stay sharp 

Cheers Markus \m/

Images From The Shallow End

On Friday night we picked our friends from Minneapolis up – they are staying with us for a week. The weeks leading up to this past Friday, I got more and more excited, until I ultimately felt like a 5 year old on Christmas evening at about 16:00. Well now there are here and it is great. We gently exposed them to Bangkok – all totally PG, no weird stuff. Yesterday evening we ended up by the pool, staring up into the stars and chatting. While the others were staring up, I stared down into the pool picking up on how the water played with the light rays emanating from the pool lights. Because our pool is close to drown-proof – it is quite shallow, I can still do a tight flip turn; a sloppy one and the back is open – this entry is called “Images From The Shallow End”.

Pool3This is what you see when you look with intensity. But when you start to gaze, when you start to let go of your thoughts and when the mind starts wandering, then the above image starts to look more like this.

Pool2This is quite nice. It reminded me of the 3D images tat were very popular in the second half of the 1990s where you had to look cross-eyed at the picture and then the dots revealed a Mickey Mouse in three dimensions or something similar. Finally, when you are just between with intention and spacing out, the composition of pool floor tiles and water look more like this – still soothing, as long as you don’;t get frustrated, that it is so impossible to hold on to a static image.


The other nice thing about these type of images is that they make you completely forget about the “Ass Cafe” from the previous post.

Alright, spacing out helps staying sharp – try it out for yourself.

Cheers Markus \m/

Beauty In Odd Places

I was walking through my factory as I do every day. But in tbe afternoon light the packaging I usually walk just past, peaked my curiousity.


One odd material atucks nicely out, this is the beauti of not specifying exactly what one wants. In this case it doesn’t really matter. It does what it’s supposed to do – separating product

Isometrically – a nice weaving of light and dark.
Straight down the rabbit hole, Alice.

Ok, my taxi is here now and I amgoing  home.

Oh btw, only in Thailand. Today the entire (and I mean the entire) network of a major Bank in Thailand was shut down. Official reason, “update to make more efficiency”. Word in the shops, K-Bank had a major accident – what ever that may mean. Under no circumstance must one acknowledge a problem. Everything is always PEACHY!!

Stay sharp just because everything is always peachy….or is it?!

Cheers Markus \m/

Iron…. And A Little Rain

A few years ago I was living and working in the best area of America – Boulder, Colorado. There I worked and lived with a great group of people – very diverse in every aspect. We’d work together, help each other out, have lunch together, ride our bikes, go swim or hike together. It was a great time, that I will always remember fondly. At work I enjoyed particularly that there was a lot of genuity, original thinking and a free exchange of ideas and a noticeable absence of obvious and corrosive office politics. Over lunch we’d often harass each other about cars – needless to say, as a German from the home town of Karl Benz (the inventor of the car) I have opinions that I’d like to see written in stone as mantras to the rest of the world and future generations. I had a great colleague, an engineer I respect a lot, because he is the engineer I one day want to be. And Bob believes in Detroit Iron – more specifically the Dodge Hemi. And when a few weeks ago, we went to a night market that had all there great old pick-Ups from America, they reminded me of Bob. I imagined the gleam he would have in his eyes and the smirk he would flash at me while he would tell me that the Thais have seen the automotive light…..unlike some Europeans. So Bob, enjoy, these are for you – DETROIT IRON, well-preserved and lovingly cared for.

DetroitIron2A GMC Truck. Nicely hot-rodded and oh-so-low and with a two-tone paint job a true sign of red-neck sophistication and affluence.DetroitIron3A Dodge truck, yes, likely with an iron-cast V8 hemi coupled to a 3 speed Borg-Warner tranny – whoohoo…and let’s mention the two tone paint, po-leeeeece!DetroitIron1And of course to complete the big unimaginative three, a Ford truck. A great-great-cousin of the now so popular F-150. Which – oh the irony – is now being built from Aluminum, like the Europeans have done for 20 some years in mass production – if we’d consider Porsche, it’d be more like 60 years. Just wait Bob, when Detroit discovers the magic of a turbo charger, my oh my.

Well at least this one is gritty, not opting for the pretty-boy two tone high gloss paint. It looks actually quite bad-ass…like it could tell stories in a raspy voice. Where as the other two are more like Liz Taylor when she was married to Larry Fortensky and had been worked on ump-teen times – not too much character left anymore. But you know that is just my personal preference – when you age, age with wrinkles, grey hair and a face that tells stories…Think Keith Richards or Mick Jagger

But enough with the heckling and reminiscing. I was very happy to find two ancient German motorbikes, too. A beautiful BMW boxer and a Horex – a mean, mean single bobber.

Boxer1See this is poetry in cast metal…

HorexAnd now for the mean, mean Horex. These bikes were kick-started by foot and to the uninitiated, they could be very mean. An uninitiated person was easily recognizable by his limp. The kick starter would get thrown back with such intensity, that a gentle foot would break like a twig and one groaned through clenched teeth “Thank You, May I Have Another”, if it was just a bruise.

So much for our stroll along Gasoline Alley. Let’s switch to the weather for a moment. We are deep in the rainy season, except, it is not raining. It is hot and over cast and rain is like a three year old hiding behind his mom’s leg – just peeking but it does not quite dare to come out, yet. But it finally rained a manly rain yesterday evening. I took the camera and took this beautifully abstract shot.

Downpour1Cool view right? Do you know what’s what? Alright, I’ll help you sort it. We are looking down on to a tree that is lit from below as the rain is pouring down hard. The raindrops and the beam of light create this nice ray in the center of the image.


Alright dudes and dudettes, keep it real and stay sharp – shark-tooth sharp.


Markus \m/



Boys Weekend On Motorbikes

Here we are again. Another week has passed – time goes by so fast and it does not come back. In fact I am grateful, that you spend some of your time reading this blog of mine.

Last weekend, three buddies of mine and I went on a motorcycle ride over the weekend. We rode to Kanchanburi. One of the riders is a Thai from Ratchaburi, a province neighboring on Kanchanaburi and he showed us tome great areas. Best of all, once we are out of the traffic-hell-hole that is Bangkok, traffic eased up considerably to the point where we hardly had any traffic at all and the riding experience became very pleasant.

BaddddAsses1There are my three compadres I rode with. We had plenty of stops, j to soak in teh scenery like the one near a lake (above) where we had lunch or this one near a waterfall (below) in the jungle, where children were floating and frolicking in some floating contraptions….since a surprising number of Thais have not learned to swim properly.

WaterfallKidsSaturday was just perfect warm and sunny weather, while Sunday brought tones of grey and rain clouds. However, the rain never fully materialized. It sprinkled a bit, just enough to make our riding a little more cautious and careful.


We stopped along the way in rather remote areas close to the Burmese (OK. the correct nomenclature – I suppose – is Myanmar-ese) border. The quality of the roads was excellent, a lot of them were resurfaced recently. I can absolutely see us go back but with the road bicycles and just enjoy the hilly, twisty roads.

HillsValley2We did a total of 700 kilometers in 2 days and about 9 hours of total riding time.

We spent the night in Kanchanaburi – the city. Accommodation was alright and after dinner I slept like a baby. The next morning, after a few pictures at the bridge across the river Kwai we headed back home to Bangkok. Kanchanaburi as we experienced is a little less crowded and developed and thus cheaper than maybe the area around Khao Yai – this is a good thing. And it is too, only about 2 hours away from Bangkok – pretty great trip.

HillsBuddhaI leave you with our parting shot from our Kanchanaburi ride. From here it was about 15 minutes and we were back on Rama 2, in the steadily densifying traffic heading towards Bangkok.


Cheers and stay sharp

Markus \m/