Time Leaves Streaks And I Go To 11

It’s been a while. The reason for that was that I spent a few days in a hospital. Fortunately nothing earth shattering and not an injury either. Let’s call it exploratory, preventative maintenance. All is good. This has been the third time I have been to a hospital. And I do not do well. I had all sorts of good intentions of relaxing and chilling, reading (which I did “The Girl In The Spider’s Web”), but after I had come to and spent the first night, I started to get bored. It got to the point that I started to read up on fluid dynamics. I kid you not. I also spend some time programming in Lua on my iPad. Yes, I also slept a lot and until I got the news from the Doc, I contemplated my life and fate. But most importantly, I decided to turn my life up to 11. You see I love life. There is so much to see and explore and learn and if you just run your life at a comfortable 4 or 5, you are wasting precious time that you could otherwise use to soak up more life. How do I do this – cranking life up to 11, you ask. Well, for starters, anything everyone usually does in increments of 10, I do in increments of 11. 50 sit-ups, I do 55. Plank for the abs, 60 seconds, I do 66. drinking 10 sips of water every 30 minutes, I drink 11. Analyzing financial statements and operations numbers for 75 minutes, I spend 82.5 on it. Swimming ten laps in the pool, I do eleven. It requires a little more time, but it already pays off, after just 2 weeks. What i find myself doing when it comes to brainwork at 11, I spend the extra time on thinking, questioning myself and my train thought. All too often, I think, we try to create routines and then mistakes and preconceived notions become part of that routine, too. Right now it works for me and it’s a good way of getting a little more out of life.

For example today, I came home and I was pretty tired. Yet, I managed to put my boots on, put my backpack on and drag my story self not the staircase for the Himalaya preparation tour: 16 floors down, 58 up, 42 down. I was dragging my behind up the steps – I was a bit of a slog. I sweated like a crazy person, but now I feel good. And to boot, I got these three images. I figure, when I go up the staircase all these floors, there better be a highlight – at night, it’s taking pictures from the top.


The intersection of Ratchadaphisek and Rama 4 at night. Because this is long-term exposure (on a tripod), the cars driving by leave beautiful streaks along these two main arteries of Bangkok.


The same intersection, but at a much wider field of view. In the upper right you can see the K-Bank HQ. It is very rewarding to see the city like this, after I have heaved myself up all these many floors with a backpack on my back. This “hiking” up and down the staircase must be the equivalent of playing tennis against a wall or a fifteen year old exploring himself – you do it, because there is something bigger much more rewarding hm, on second thought, the 15 year old was maybe a bad example, because it is not quite the same. One cannot classify that as “training” or “exercise”.)

Anyway….is the word we are looking for. This is it. More soon.

Stay sharp and maybe assess where you run your life at….3, 7, 9,….

Cheers Markus \m/

Clarification: I read through this entry this morning again. When I posted it yesterday it didn’t feel just right. When I mention that I want to live my life at 11, I don’t mean it to be a hedonistic, self-indulging excess, but more in a sense that our time with each othet is very short to the lifetime of everythibg else around us. Rather than waiting for time  to pass by, I want to maximize my participation and maximize my (positive) impact.


Booooooooring! No, it won’t be. Just tell your inner moaning-bitching-and-complaining-department to shut it for two more sentences.

Good – now to the entry: Why I like Motörhead, still after all these years. The short answer is: I like Motörhead for the same reason, I like a Leica M camera and a Porsche 911…well, with the exception of the Type 996, the first watercooled engine. That car is a design atrocity and I do not understand why anybody ever got excited about the car during the design  phase – a good example of management asleep at the wheel. But I am going off on a tangent. I bought the new Motörhead album – simply called “Bad Magic”. The album is true Motörhead: Loud, basic and simple, loud, lewd lyrics, did I mention loud, distorted, fast and lots of heart and soul. Lemmy is hammering his bass relentlessly, the drums are driving and pushing and trying desperately to get ahead of Lemmy’s bass playing. Which leaves the guitar screaming and wailing and it does that sufficiently. Above all like a protective dome is Lemmy’s brooding, bothered singing, that sounds as if he’d replaced his vocal cords with a set of monkey wrenches – not beautiful, but it’s the exactly right tool for the job.

Think of the new album as a bottle of pipe cleaner you have inherited from your grandfather. It just declogs the plumbing in your house really well and reliably. Unlike the other pipe cleaners it does not smell of roses and there are no unicorns with pink manes on the packaging. Yes you need to wear protective gear and after using it your neighbor’s  lawn has died, but the piper in your house allow perfectly free flow.

Similar to AC/DC, Motörhead has not released a new album in ages. They just follow their special tried and true formula for flat out balls to the wall rock’n’roll

Same with a Leica M camera. It’s a camera. It’s the best there is. It does not have fancy functions that give the user 200 more ways of missing to take a picture. It requires active participation, passion and initially patience to endure the lack of buttons and gizmos, then it works really well and it does so for decades – just like Motörhead.

The same holds true for a Porsche 911 especially anything up to 1986. The car is not really meant as a family vehicle. It roars loudly, it breathes heavy, it screeches, its rear wants to go to different places than the front. It, too demands active participation.  Except for the radio, the car is mechanical.

Yes, I know, neither Motörhead, nor a Leica M, nor a 30 years old Porsche 911 are known for their modernity and progress. But all of them do exactly what they promise to deliver everytime all the time. However, there is one major difference between Motörhead and the Leica M and the Porsche. Motörhead is oh-so-much gentler on your wallet than the other two.

Be sharp, then Stay sharp

Markus \m/