And after a long while, here we go again, again.

As you know, in this world there are stereotypes and preconceived notion, prejudices if you will. And since we’ll be covering in no particilar sequence a cornucopia of different topics, let’s start with stereotypes.

If I say “Thailand”, what comes to mind? Tell me. I suppose food, beaches, smiles, fake products and somewhere on this list will be sex. Sex is prrtty easy available alsmost everywhere in this giabt city of Bangkok. But to just widdle Bangkok or Thailand down to sex would not be fair and definitely single-sided. But then again, sex plays a different role here. See this logo of a company that makes soap racks for the shower cabin. I can’t think of any other country where a soalo rack company could use this as their corporate logo.  

What can I say.

Building quality is another topic, that is near to tge heart of any foreigner living  in Thailand. 

 This building is 5 years old and what you see is not art. No, it is the re-bar in the concrete rusting through…on the ground level…whichbis where the foundation is. That is a real bummer, because the buildings anchored to thia foundation are lovely and aesthetically pleasing.

Finally, what happens if you want to be everything toeverybody?  Nothing, at best you’ll be mediocre in many areas and you will shine nowhere. I found this new restaurant, that apparently is pursuingexactly this strategy of a wide variety of mediocrity.  

Pirate Chambre – Local Tratatoria: English – French – Italian. How about picking just one language for the name. Well, I gt curious and looked at the menu. Apart from Aleutian  dishes and the little known Tonga cuisine, flavor was somehow present. Bummer, I don’t think, I will frequent this establishment in the near future.

Keep your eyes open and stay sharp, maybe you too will spot two rabbits goong at it to represent a company in the public eye.

Markus \m/