I Got A Shirt

There are many definitions of what true love is. I would argue as many as there are people on the planet. 
I had a big surprise today that showed me that my wife apparently thinks a lot of me and thinks a lot about me. Better, that small things she stumbles over in everyday life remind her of me. I got a T-Shirt…yup, simple as that. But it is a T-shirt that shows my two big passions since childhood: A bicycle and a Porsche 911 (2.7 RS with Ducktail).  

When someone thinks of a livwd one like that, I think this would make a good definition for true love.

Markus \m/



Yeah, partial. Is that a good thing? Partial can mean you have a pre-conceived notion; you are taking sides, when you should be neutral and objective. It can also be used in a context of something being half-assed. And that is the meaning I want to go with in today’s post. Because nature put on a bit of a show in Bangkok. However, instead of going all out (full-assed), nature completed the deed partially (half-assed), citing the rules of physics presented it from putting on a full show. We had a partial Solar Eclipse. And even though, it was only a partial one, it was still pretty great.

Note to my younger readers: Is nature correct when that the laws of physics prevented it from performing a total solar eclipse? Bus Points: If we had a partial solar eclipse in Bangkok, is out possible that there was a total solar eclipse visible somewhere else on earth? Polar coordinates and trigonometry are your friend here.

Anyway, here we go – partial solar eclipse in Thailand, so manage your expectations.


In the upper right quadrant (spheres do not have corners) you can see the moon moving in, obscuring the sun partially. This all happened between 6:00 and 8:00 Wednesday  morning.


When I saw the first picture and followed the direction the image took me in – gritty, used, worn and turn, I figured to let it really fly with the second image of the city at sunrise. Bangkok is a weird place, I must say. There is beauty and madness – strike that and replace with utter insanity so close together. Everyday is work and must be earned – no goddamn rest for the weary. And I think these two images convey that tension and contradiction for me.

Alright, stay sharp and contemplate if my earlier statement about sprees not having corners can be possibly universally correct.


Cheers Markus \m/





A Conundrum – A Dilemma

Here I am again – again after quite a while. I know I keep saying”I’ll be back” and then there are these long breaks where you – my dear readership – don’t get any of my wise ramblings.

But, well here it is. I have a vice. No it’s not alcohol or reality enhancing drugs. It is chocolate. And when we went to Germany over Christmas, I pigged out a little too much. In the parlance of the illegal drug trade “I nearly O.D.-ed”. So, man with a Will that I am, I resolved to not eat any chocolate for 100 days – starting January 1st 2016. I have completed this in 2014 as well and it was great – a huge sense of accomplishment. Now I am already on day 65 and all is well in the empire. I have occasional cravings, but I have been able thus far to keep the beast caged.

But a week ago I read an article in the news about three independent medical studies in Australia, the United States of America and Luxemburg, that consuming chocolate is “oh-so-good” for you. (See links on the bottom of this entry) The conumption of chocolate is good for memory, concentration, creativity. Yes, it sounds a bit like a Snake-Oil Sales Pitch, but those were independent studies. And let’s not forget, the studies do not mention the usual Snake-Oil advantages, like being a cure to in-grown toenails and rashes of all sorts and so forth. That is because it is not Snake-Oil,but sweet, milky, creamy chocolate. So you see my dilemma. Who will I spoil? – My body (continue with the 100 Day vow) or my mind (how do I explain this to the people in my life who are ever so dependent of the generously flowing well of my creative mind). Hello Kofi Annan, hello Boutros Boutros Gali, these are real problems, not the easy stuff like peace int Middle-East or proper education for the underprivileged.

Just my luck. I am quitting chocolate to prove to myself that I am a man of willpower – mind over flesh. And now, it turns out that he best I can do for my mind is to abandon my renunciation of chocolate this very instant. What is a man to do?

I know you are questioning my sanity. And you re partially right. But you know, I really like a good piece of chocolate or a spoonful of Nutella or a Rocher hazelnut splinter covered chocolate ball with a little crown of Nutella (yes, I have done that and it is amazing!). So, not indulging in this little weakness of mine is a sacrifice to me – AND it lasts way longer than what these lent-sissies do, where they give up reading the Sunday funnies once a month….this is a real dilemma, a true conundrum.

But enough of this wallowing in self-pity. Here’s the plan, let me tell you all about it. I will stick with the 100 Days Of Abstinence. But then in true sportsman fashion, I will get into hot pursuit (actually, this is more Sheriff Buford-T.-Justice-fashion of “Snowman and the Bandit” fame) and catch up on 100 Days of missing out on “mental health food”. What do you say to that?


Alright, yous twos stay sharp and eat your chocolate! Until the next time when I will be lamenting about “The Injustice Of Fake Gummibears”.

Cheers Markus \m/