Hello my dears. Today is the one hundred and first day since January 1st. And that means that my self-imposed abstinence has finally ended. But this abstinence was much more than just a sacrifice of not eating chocolate. No this would only scratch the surface. No, we are talking epic test of wills of nigh biblical proportions. The early days of January were pretty easy. The chocolate fed beast in me had a plan of playing along…at first while waiting for me to let my guard down and then pouncing on me in a weak moment when I would least expect it.

And it did – in mid January, I was just developing a bit of pride over my steadfastness. Oh boy was I suffering, I was jonesing a piece of chocolate so bad. But I was able to cage the beast in me again. I gave it a good talking to for good measure. The next few weeks went by. The beast was sulking and secretly plotting a more severe attack. However, that attack never came. February came and went. March was a busy month at work, where some oh-ever-so-lovely co-workers from Germany harrassed me by over-playing their joy of eating the sweets we served them to keep the brain producing ideas – aha, so much for that. But this, too, did pass. No the chocolate spoilt beast in me, waited all the way until yesterday to lauch a final and very desperate attack. All I saw yesterday was chocolate – no matter where I went, no matter who I saw. The toughest 24 hours of the whole 100 days. and then I woke up this morning and……went to the airport and rode my bike around the airport – twice. Then I came home and…..we had breakfast. But then…..I indulged in a nap. The draw of the forbidden fruit had seized to exist. Around 15:00 or so I had an encounter with the highest quality product That bears the Fiat name.  

And this is a small selection what I have at my disposal, but what does not exert a draw any more…well, at least not right now.  

 Perhaps the beast gets wise tomorrow and goes completely insane with rants and rages and chocolate in its jaws.  

Stay sharp and be vigilant of the beast. I will enjoy my cocoa for a bit longer.

Cheers Markus \m/