A Dirrrrrty Mind

This is what I saw today in my parents driveway. And just like your mind, so did mine go down into the gutter.

And that is funny to me.

Cheers and stay sharp.

Markus \m/

P.S.:My buddy Brian – an honest man if few words – just asked me, whether the orange one gets bigger if one blows it? A very thoughtful question and I am glad he asked. Being an engineer, I’d like to give a physically sound answer. A gentle rubbing and the resulting heat from it should do the job, too.

Let’s Play Pretend…

…just like Alice, of Wonderland fame.I recently got a car – my absolute dream car of dream cars. In fact so much a dream car, that I have no illusion of ever owning  a real one. it is the Porsche 550. to me the most beautiful car ever designed.

But I get ahead of myself. Before we continue, we have to properly enter our pretend land. down the spiral staircase we fall.

Hard landing, but here we are in the “right movie”, because this is the movie where we are the protagonist and where we drive a sweet Porsche 550. In fact it is the Carrera Panamericana Winner of our old buddy Hans Herrmann, parked right there.

We have 1500cc, distributed equally on 4 opposed cylinders producing a 110hp placed perfectly behind us and the rear axle, to propel a 550kg car forward. And because we are day dreaming, we are lean, mean driving machines, not having an ounce of excess body fat, thus our weight has not much impact on the driving experince.

Look at that silouette from above – to me this is what every car since should strive to become. Imagine the wind in your hair as your take sweeping turn after turn, enjoying the rush. No music blaring, no distractions, just you the car the road, the landscape, the raspy screaming of engine and the apex of the next turn where you feel the acceleration again. That’s the ticket. 

Unfortunately, our day-dreaming session is coming to an end. so one last quick look at the beautiful rear end, the one all other drivers have enjoyed viewing and then it’s back to life.

cheers, stay sharp and dare to dream big 

Markus \m/