I Had This Rug…

A little more than twenty years ago I lived in Southern California in a small condo community with 16 apartments. I was the only student, everyone else was properly working for a living – we were a pretty eclectic group. Being the new kid, I was lucky enough, that my room-mate and our neighbors pulled me right in into their little clique. Every Thursday – with Swiss clock precision – we would go to a neighborhood diner, called Froggys on Turquoise St in P.B. . We’d go every Thursday between 6:30 and 7:00pm and I had a California Cajun Chicken Sandwich – it was so good. The only regular girl in our group, Jen, of “Bob and Jen’s”, christened the occasion “Stoopi’Tuesday Because It’s Thursday”.

I still love this time in my life. It was very carefree, no worries barely any responsibilities. I lived a great life on a limited budget, right then and there. When my friends Peter and Michael visited me, they got to experience it, too. So much fun. Everyone talked about their week, fully knowing that twenty four hours the weekend was calling.

My wife know about this time in my life and its importance to me and the growing nostalgia with every year. And today, when I cam home, Barbara arranged for our own “Stoopi’Tuesday” at home.

She made a kick-ass California Cajun Chicken Sandwich and later we are going to watch The Big Lebowski – a movie that was shot in Southern California while I lived there, too. And we should expand the statement for the opening of the movie, that says “…that sometimes there is a man.” to:”…sometimes there’s a man or a woman.”

And right now, I find myself on the couch typing this little entry for you, while trembling with anticipation to start the movie.

Stay sharp and abide.

Cheers Markus \m/


2 thoughts on “I Had This Rug…

  1. Really makes me think about how old I am now… the “Michael” in your story was 15 years old back then! Still I very well remember that dinner night at Froggys, just like I do that whole trip to SD. Couldn’t agree more… that was a great time.
    Hugs from Germany, Michael … now aged to 37 😎

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