Relative, As In “Compared To”

For many people hell became reality on Friday, January 20th 2017. No, why do I say that? In the country, that loves to proclaim itself as the leader of the free world, a new president was sworn in. A gentleman, who loves to boast and brag, yet with a reportedly very thin skin and a reportedly unique understanding of reality. But that’s not the point and not focus of this entry. As much as it may pain many people, especially the citizens of the United States – particularly the majority of thenpopulation that voted for the questionable democratic alternative, life will go on. America will not decay into a banana republic. democratic principles may be shaken a bit, but they will not break. There a checks and balances and a still free press. And if especially the free press will start to spend money on “shoe leather” and do journalism and explain the news, then everyone will weather the storm. Besides, let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and judge him by what he does. He has the house majority, the senate majority, the presidency, the majority in more than half the states of the union, the govenorship in (I think) almost half of all states. You can’t have much more power – No More Excuses, for getting nothing done. I was just as shocken as all oth Trump opponents abut his inauguration speech – scarry, nightmarish stuff. I do wonder where he gets the ideas for these dystopian wasteland speeches. Yes, big cities have big bad soft underbellies, places whe you don’t necessarily go in alone, but they also have many, great  friendly neighborhoods, where people know each other and whe normal people live and the only Mad Max in the neighborhood is your neighbor’s Yorkshire Terrier. If you experiened life ina real banana republic, for example in any of the many central african dictatorships or Russia for that matter or China. Any form of dissent would get the dissenter repressed if not simply vanished. You have seen how the Trump supporters lifted theor supposed Champion to victory – identify your champion – make it known who you champion is and then lift her or him to victory at the next opportunity. Don’t lament, prepare instead.

I realized this yesterday, as we took a ride along the Golf and all,of a sudden we see this.

Yes it is kitsch as kitsch can, but it is also a beautiful picture of love, trust and care. And by extension gives me hope that this period of nationalism and narrow-mindedness shall pass, too.

Being a Global Nomand myself, I find it very sad, when people, judge others by their passport, language of color of their skin, because it eleominates the possibiliyu, that the other person may have something you might need, appreciate. even admire. I have spent tye first part of my working life in the hatd disk drive industry – most of you will not know what that is all about, as ling as the box inside your computer stores the birthday pictures from grandma’s 75th birthday bash. but this industry was and prpably still is hypercompetitive. so competitive, that it is an unwritten law that everyone abides by, that anybodymight just have THE IDEA that will give your company a huge competitive advantage. As a consequence,the HDD industry is very inclusive a as in German alongside, Czechs, Russian, Americans, Chinese, Nepalis, Indians, Indonesian, you name it we have it. That openness made for a beautiful environment. That does not mean, that there was no conflict and politics, but an ass was ass because he was an ass, not because of his heritage or the color of his skin.

Hm, just noticed I might have been rambling a bit. Yes the sky may be grey and ominous, but there will be sunshine, too and soon enough.

So keep,your chin up, do small good deeds to total stangers without conditions and tell them to stay sharp, too.

Cheers Markus \m/


4 thoughts on “Relative, As In “Compared To”

  1. I like this picture, even it´s kitsch. And I like your thoughts about what´s going on overseas, too. Yours litte S.

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