Misunderstood Thailand

Thailand is by and far known as the land of smiles. But then again, sometimes rhinga are nit quite what they seem.

For example that these elevated highways:

They look peaceful – almost unused. Or these: 

One should think that a civilization that can conceive and realize knotted elevated highways like this ahould be on top of its game. Yet when you viair Bangkok you reliE quickly, that the opposite is the reality – it is a permanent traffic jam, always just one car away from a total traffic collapse.

This is because Thailand is a country that continues to exist in a time traveling present tense. Yhere area areas where it is 1717. And then yhere are areas where it is 1817, others where it is 1917 and then there are areas where it ia absolutely 2017. And the area of dufferent timea are adjacent, sometimes the time gradient is so steep 200 years are bridged over a distance of 100 meters. The picture below is such a steep time gradient zone. One one bank of the river is it 1817 as in houses without A/C and people living a much slower life. Uet ine crosses the river and there is 2017 industry and commerce.

On one of my explorations and attempts to get a better grasp on Thailand, I went to a beautiful restaurant. It called itself ecologically friendly and ecologically conscious. I went to the beautiful restroom with glass floors and this is what I saw.

This is crazy and it a good example of why Thailand can really tear people who care or who have a passion to shreds. The alternative is to do what most locals do – just smile.

Cheers and stay sharp

Markus \m/

Celebrating My (Lacking) Irish Heritage

Aye, today is St. Patrick’s day. In the past this meant, that I found myself in shorts and three layers if T-shirts at a 5k starting line freezing my butt off as I waited for the gun to go off. The top most shirt, I wore was green – the color of the Irish.

Today, I was running, too, with a friend from Minneapolis. In honor of the occasion we greeted each other with “Mc Bryce and O’Markus”. We ran, made plans for tonight and realized that we both don’t have that much Irish heritage to offer and altogether that we are one Irish man short. Because, clearly when you think St. Patrick’s day you think Irish, followed by drinking, followed by brawling. And Jon has Irish heritage and his attitude – although most of the time he is just a “Teddy-Bear” –  is a “These Are Fightin’ Words” attitude. So Jon, tonight Mc Bryce, Barbara O’Flannery and O’Markus will just sit timidly in a pub corner in Bangkok thinking of you and what heroic deeds we’d do, if only you were here to lead us into a proper pub brawl.


O’Markus \m/


Alright, we have a new park in Bangkok, located between the Klong Toei Klong and the Tobacco Monopoly.

The parks is great, because it is empty. No one knows about it and thus no one goes there. However, we went there today, I think maybe there is another reason why no one goes there. Take a look.

This is how visitors are welcomed – straight from the heart. The list of things prohibited in this  park is staggering.

No unleashed cats and dogs ( really, how are you going to enforce that when every local kicks their pet to the curb once it has outgrown the cute puppy stage – please). Next leashed dogs, I can relate to that – you want to keep tha park clean and avoid dog shit all around. An alternative approach here would be to strictly enforce that Fido carries his own plastic poop bag and the owner picks up the droppings.

The next three sign essentially tell a prospective visitor to not engage in any physical activity that require accessories – no biking, no skating, no scooters.

You may run or walk or possible pass gas. Come to think of it, you can probably also make out with your better half (do not go past first base in public spaces during day-light!). Pogo-sticks are clearly allowed, so are jetpacks – mught as well and the sign goes up. Yoga might also be allowed, Kung Fu, Karate, Tae Kwon Do as well. I am actually surprised that we did not see any “Do Not Step On The Lawn” signs.

Please dear Bkk Park & Rec Board, give people a little more freedom on how they want to use this park. Keep the vandals out, but otherwise don’t go to crazy with the power-tripping. My wife and I rolled up on our bikes, when we had three policemen blowing their brains out on their whistles. We talked on one and he was pretty cool about everything. Bangkok is a congested and polluted city, so these green spaces shoukd teally provide people respite fro thw stress the city imposes. Let people figure out how they want tk use the parks you put up, as ling as it is not abuse and destruction.

Stay sharp

Yours Markus \m/


Alright, here I am again. I have been listening to the new Stones album – full of old songs…blues classics. And there is one tongue-in-cheek song called “Everybody knows about my good thing”. And if you take the lyrics literally, you will hear talk about the need for a plumber to fix a leaking drain. And that leaking drain reminded me of dripping drops, which is exactly what I saw the other day – drops that is, that must have dropped quite some time ago.

See what I mean? Nice, isn’t it?

Oooh, it changes direction, sweet. 

And it covers almost everything.

And that closes today’s spontaneous observational art class.

Sayonara dudes….and clearly, I should not have to remind you, but Stay Sharp.

Markus \m/