A Little More Nighlife

I was out Friday night, shooting. Then I wondered how can I add four more images i a way that it continues the. The Maxi version. See, in the 80s, everyone who hat a hit in the charts released a so-called maxi single – which was an extended version of the original hit. The undisputed kings of Maxi Single releases were Frankie Goes To Hollywood – heck they released a whole album with maxi versions of three songs and it is called “The Whole 12 Inches” – get it?…tongue in cheek. But this is Willie Nelson and the Night Life song. So, think of this as the Maxi Version of “Night Life”.

Two ladies carrying their goods for the “emergency sales” to the girls in Soi 26.

Street food vendor caught in the perpetual Sukhumvit traffic jam.

Vendor of the original “Luke Skywalker Lightsaber”, with the Obiwan Kenobi seal of approval, taking his supper break.

All the rest of the poor souls in their cars caught in Friday night traffic – this was at around 10:00pm. What a way to waste one’s time.

Stay sharp and use public transportation, bicycles, skateboards or go on foot, if you don’t want to waste your time in traffic.

Markus \m/


Night Life (Photos To The Willy Nelson Song)*

I have had this great Willie Nelson song in my head for a while. And it reminded me of the people and the life you see around Bangkok. So I thought to my self:”Self, why not illustrate the lyrics with photos from here.”

“When that evenin’ sun goes down
Yeah you’ll find me hangin’ around
Because the night life, it ain’t no good life
But it’s my life

Oh, all the people just like you and me
Oh, they all dreamin’ about what they all used to be

I wanna tell you the night life, it ain’t no good life people
Yeah, but it’s my life

Yeah, yeah, yeah, listen to the blues
Listen to what they’re sayin’
Oh please listen to the blues
Listen to the blues they playin’

Hey, they tell me in life
Life is just an empty scene
Oh, oh, an avenue people
An old avenue of broken dreams

But I tell you the night life, yes it ain’t no good life
Hey, but it’s my life

Yes, oh-ho-ho, yeah, can’t stop singin’ it
The night life, yes it ain’t no good life
People but it’s my life
Hey, oh-ho-ho yeah
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
The night life ain’t no good life
Oh but it’s my life

Yeah, help me sing it again
One more time
You nkow the night life ain’t no good life
Oh, but it’s my life

Stay sharp

Markus \m/

* = my favorite rendition is the one off the VH1 Storytellers album with Johnny  Cash. The entire album is great – two truly great musicians at work and inconcert. 


When I arrived at the Munich airport and we walked to the car, I was struck by this view. It simply reminds me of a super max prison, yet, this is a parkibg garage for the Germans favorite toy – the car.

Then a dew days later, I took a pucture of a construction site agains the perfect blue and white sky.

And finally, my last picture from the Zugspitze, whete we were blessec with gorgeous weather and sight including dramatic and photogenic clouds.

All of which paints a teutonic image of Germany.

Stay sharp and cheers

Markus \m/


In the heat of daily life, one can easily confuse the important with the superfluous, unimportant. These confusions lead to frustrations and spoil joy and fun. Fortunately, I have had some time to rebalance and sort out the important from the noise. It is nice to do that, fully knowling that one always has people, events and even places that are nothing but a distrurbance in getting joy out of life. I have pulled together five images from a recent trip to Germany’s higheste mountain, the Zugspitze, that put things into perspective – at least for me.

Looking south, towards Austria and Italy way back on the horizon

Looking south-south-west towards Austria and Switzerland

Looking South-East towards the Inntal

Looking north over the Eibsee at the foot of the mountain and the Alpenvorland towards the horizon.

Overlooking the skiing area

So, how does this put everything into perspective? All the petty things like power, amassing influence and scheming to gain more there of was not there before the mountains and will have vanished long before the maointajns have crumbled.
cheers, stay sharp and happy Easter.

Markus \m/