Alright, Thailand is in transition…in one of many transitions. One transition I find fascinating is the fight of a middle class to emerge. And immediately, as soon as there are a few middle class people, there are companies and fairs that want nothing more than to relieve said middle class from their hard earned money.

Enter The Money Expo. What di you make of that? Will there be different currencies on display? What could it be?


Better, yet, because Thailab is suffereing from ANYTHING 4.0 fever, the by line of the money expo is:”Financial Innovation 4.0″. I was attending tjis fair, since I was on the premises for another fair. This is what the Money Expo had to offer. – tons of banks throwing credit cards at anybody with a pulse, car companies, a dude selling Chinese made shoes and all other sorts of nick-nacks one can hope to charge money for. It was a lot of hype for nothing.
A few days later then, I was rewarded – although I really don’t know for what – with this view.

 You’ve got to love it. I sometimes wonder if Westerners are just too chicken to pull a “manly staubt” like this? I know I couldn’t. But sau what you want, you’ve got to give the manad props for his cool, calm and courage.

Stay sharp

Markus \m/


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