Life Simplified

The last few days were abaolutely great. Life had been great and pretty simple. We spent the last seven days with good friends and enjoyed each others company and the area. We had great conversations and a few really good laughs.

The grand ski jump in Oberstdorf, Germany. Over the new year’s break it will be inaugurated. The photo does not do the size justice – it is scary high and big and intimidating.

Nature presents itaelf as very pristine and really from its absolutely best. Heck, even the milk cows are assuming a pose.

And so are the sunflowers. I love it here – Quality Of Life….that’s what I say!

Stay sharp and cheers

Markus \m/ 

Kini’ Luu’wig

And here it is the castle that inspired Walt Disney for his Faity Tale Castle and Hugh Hefner to have a grotto in the  Playboy Mansion.

Castle Neuschwanstein near Füssen in the southern German region of the Allgäu.

The castle was built by ylthe last Bavarian king – King Louis or as ge is called in the local dialect “Kini’ Luu’wig”.

Sayonara until next time 

Markus \m/

Schnuffi / Shnoofy

My neighbors got a cat. It is a cute black, brown and white kitten. Really cute as a button. I like cats when they are on my lap and we cuddle and they purr. The cat is called Schuffi a cuddly-cutesy pet name. But as far as cars go, she is no dog. What I mean by that is that unlike a dog, where the dog and the owner form a real bond, she is a cat and cats have attitude and – by golly – they have their own head.

So, Schnuffi comes meowing for affection, rubs her slender body against my ankle until I pick her up.

Then she rewards me with a few purrs.

Then she gives me this quizzical look that says, “Why don’t we go inside and curl up on the couch?” and I say “No”. Then being a cat she looks at me with some disgust and swaggers away, looking around curiously and ignoring me utterly.

And I, what do I do? I write this entry to share my hurt feelings with you, that I have been rejected by a cat. And that where I really love cats…..just not in my place.


Markus \m/

Where The Soul Breathes

Normally, I live and work in Bangkok. Bangkok is huge, hot, sweaty, smelly, dirty. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all of these things all the time at the same time. But it displays all these characteristics everyday, everywhere at least once a day. Yet, Bangkok has its moments. But one thing you can’t do properly, is to breathe fresh air. Crisp, fresh air, that fills your lungs and invigorates a person instantly. I have posted many images in this blog that show the many different, ever changing faces of Bangkok. So, now, I want to show you where a person can breathe deeply fresh, clean air and recharge – the German Alps.

These cows roam on pastures with juicy green grass and herbs. They bring wonderful fat milk with a typical milk taste. You can get the milk directly from the farmer. The milk you get here is just that, milk that comes fresh from the cow and it is indescribably good. So is the butter that’s churned from this milk and the cheese curd made from it. So are all the different cheeses. I really love this place. It is good for my body, good for my health and good for my soul. This area is a little bit of heaven, similar to Ladakh in India or Boulder, Colorado in America.

With a long, deep breath, stay sharp and exhale.

Markus \m/


You might wonder what Kanchanaburi was like. It was relaxing! I think these two images convey the vibe best.

Sunset over the river….all is calm.

In the morning the sun ruses iver the famous bridge and bakes the land. No winder, that again, all is calm.

Slender glasses, straws and fresh fruit mocktails, yes indeed, it was a good short weekend trip.


Markus \m/

The Small Things

Kanchanaburi, famous among tourists for is bridge – the bridge on the river Kwai. Popular among Thais because they giggle everytime they hear a tourist mispronounce the word Kwai. You pronounce it Khwae not Kwai. Kwai is Thai slang for what makes a man a man – the drainage pipe through the amusement area. This becomes even funnier when one considers that there is a Khwae Yai and Noi amd big and small River Khwae.
Anyway, small things, easily missbalr things I saw in Kanchanaburi.

Tiny weed growing in the famous bridge between the tracks – nature ALWAYS finds a way to produce life.

Detail of a wheel on a locomotive tbe Japanese supposedly used to transport supplied along the death railway. Good old mechanical engineering is always beautiful.

The Missus and me strolling in the heat.


Markus \m/