Trinity University Library, Dublin, Ireland

I felt I had to devote a separate entry to Trinity University Library in Dublin. This library is absolutely great – if you are not inspired by that library, you probably also don’t cast a shadow in the sun. It is absolutely worth the price of admission….if reading is your thing and you appreciate books. There are tons of beautifully leather-bound old books. I imagine lots of them hand-copied. I wonder what stories, knowledge and secret they keep. The light that comes in through the narrow, high windows as sharply defined rays creates wonderful shadows and only enhances the overall secretive mood in the room. There library is dominated by innumerable hues of brown and beige. I would have wanted to stay there with fewer people for a few days and nights just to browse through the shelves. Yes, this is the real deal, not a film set for the ninth Harry Potter movie.Every aspect of Trinity Library stunned me when we visited: size, architecture, smell, colors, craftsmanship, materials. I was just super impressed.

And I hope, you will be as impressed by the library and that this little short post made you want to go.

Cheers and stay sharp

Markus \m/



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