A Surprise For The Boy

Barbara picked me up from work today. For dinner, she pulled out ALL THE STOP signs. We went to the beach – Crystal Cove State Park. She had bought a few goodies for dinner and so there we sat in the setting sun, with a cool breeze gently blowing. It could not have been anymore perfect. That is the view we had…..when we went for our after-dinner walk along the beach.When I look at these waves coming out of the West, I have to think that they traveled all the way from Vietnam or the Philippines or Japan or the Korean peninsula or some where from China or Kamchatka. So the waves that we say come from the West really come from the East. Now explain this to a second grader, they too will side with the Flat-Earthers. But science set aside, the way my day ended was a great surprise to me, one that made me grin happily.So, dear readership, stay sharp until the next.

Cheers Markus \m/


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