We Went To The Beach

Another weekend almost over. We are still in the exploration mode for our new surroundings. Things at work are great. I learn something new every day and that is very rewarding. But, I will not bore you with what I do. Instead, I will take you with me to the beach. It was very relaxing, a great way for the soul to breathe and put things not perspective.

Entering La Jolla, just north of Torrey Pines and UCSD, looking down Black’s Beach. A The Beach Between Del Mar And La Jolla

We watched these chicklings – I assume there were chicklings of a waterfowls species – running into the water picking food as soon as the water receded from the beach. It was very entertaining watching them as they ran as a flock in synchronized motion with the waters edge back and forth.Huntington Beach, North Of The Pier

We also watched surfers – at another beach. The waves were not really big, but they were quite beautiful to watch. When we got to the beach today, the very first picture I took was that of a man who couln’t care any less about what happened around him. He read a book while sitting all alone in his folding chair. When I saw him, I asked myself, what would get this man out of his zone and I couldn’t come up with anything, except for direct physical contact. And as I edited my pictures, I had this vision, that he would read through the apocalypse, focused on his book oblivious to the fact that he would not be able to finish the chapter.Huntington Beach, Way South Of The Pier

And with that little disturbing thought, I will ask you to stay sharp, do a selfless good deed once a day, everyday.

Cheers Markus \m/


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