When People Stare

I rode my Mountain bike today with a colleague. We rode in the Latina Wilderness and it was sunny, pretty hot, sweaty ….so overall MOST EXCELLENT. After we parted, I had a great downhill from the top of the hills to PCH….great flow, a few banked turns, I was exuberant as one can only be when the read wheel drifts gently out at the apex of a turn and you don’t loose any speed, when it just rolls. Riding a long PCH, I was grinning ear to ear. Riding past Newport Coast, I saw them….a bunch of super exclusive Porsches in the wild.

The super coveted Carrera GT and its successors the 918…sure that one is also coveted, but it is no Carrera GT. But, hey, who am I to complain. I saw them. In fact we had seen them earlier crossing an intersection, when we had a red light and the6 of course had green. So, now, obviously, just like a bunch of other men (interesting, no women were looking at these beauties), I stopped and shot a few pictures.

There’s my baby, a Carrera GT with its raisable/retractable rear wing and the cowlings behind the riders as an homage to proper racing cars from the past.

Staring down towards the furious engine with its two chimney sized exhaust pipes.

Come one, these are beautiful, even if you are not a motorhead, the aesthetics, the lines, beautiful.

So that’s what it did. I stared.

Stay sharp and stare every now and then, when you can actually and believable justify it.

Cheers Markus \m/