We are two engineers from Germany, Markus and Barbara who came in 1996 from Germany to America to finish graduate school. Upon graduation in 1997 we found work in Minneapolis, Minnesota and started our life in the US.

Fast forward to 2009, we are getting ready to take the next stage in our life by going to Switzerland (2009). In this BLOG we will share our experiences of all aspects of life in America and the trade-offs we are making between living in America and the rest of the world – currently SE Asia.

We want to share our impressions, because in a global economy, jobs, job assignments and opportunities in life are global and not concentrated locally as they were 30 years ago. The global aspect makes life a little more complicated, but also provides so many more possibilities. We want to share how much more complication there is for us, how we think we can resolve them, how we really resolved them and of course what added possibilities we have seen how we’ve used them.

Overall, this Blog is meant to serve two purposes, prepare those who want to live life in the world and let those who stay at home live vicariously through the stories told here.

With an open mind and an open heart enjoy the world.

Markus \m/

5 thoughts on “About

  1. LOVE this! your pictures are amazing (no surprise). will you e-mail the shots of my typewriter… would love to get those developed to go along with my skills of “home interiors”.

    p.s. anyone looking for a “home-makeover” i know of a company: e’te’ that would like the opportunity!

  2. We are producing a lifestory of Thiksey Rinpoche and would be very grateful if we could use your black and white image of Thiksey Monastery in the book. Would this be possible please?

    • hello Jane,

      That would be great.
      Will I get photo credit?
      Can I get a copy of the book?
      i have a lot more. I love Ladakh very much.
      I can make you a contact sheet and send it to you, if you give me your email address.

      Markus, GlobalNomads2010

  3. Namaste,Markus!
    We met in Dzongla and talked about photography and then we bathed in Gokyo lake.
    Hope everything well in your trek.
    I can’t wait to see more pictures about you trek!

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