HuaHin Utility Pole Art

Art is irrepressible. It will find a way to pop up. Art is an expression of life and this just like life it finds a way to develop and emerge in the most unlikely places. We were in Huahin last week and noticed small graffitis lovingly painted onto concrete utility poles.

An abstract, disenchanted face with a buzzcut.

The haters will point out immediately:”NOT a concrete utility pole.” Tru’dat, but it’s still nice, isn’t it?

Whoohoo, we are getting psychedelic….all without mushrooms. You are welcome!

I love the “wormheads”. But my favorite little painting is this…in Thailand. Someone must have lost his marbles and just flipped out a bit.

Alright, this concludes our little trip down the side alleys of Huahin to marvel at these small statements of subversion.

Stay sharp dudettes and dudes.

Markus \m/


Always Something New

A few weeks ago, we had a company picknick at a Naval Base. There was a golf course. And the name of said golf course: AC DC Gold course! How cool is that?

Alright stay sharp, dear readership.

Cheers Markus \m/

A True Alternative Is Nigh

Yes these are trying times. There are news coming in from every corner of the  planet and most of them are bad, disconcerting news. And as of February of this year we are witnessing how the United States are slowly converted into what appears to be a monarchy…possibly oligarchy. But do not despair. A friend of mine sent me a few weeks a go a beacon of hope; A mantra to rally around; I don’t want to call it “a convenience-based Statue Of Liberty for the App-spoiled populous of the twnety-first century”, but it is close.


A man with a pair of testicles, who is prepared to do the right thing. That’s what makes a man, a man. Such a man is Jeff “the Dude / Duder / his Dudeness / El Duderino” Lebowski.

A man of his time, for this time. A man who recognizes travesty, even when the wind blows in his face, will bring change about to the travesty that has become our daily politics.
Cheers, stay sharp and don’t despair, for the dude abides.

Markus \m/



Today, I do not have a single specific topic, but more of a mixed bag – a potpourri, if you will. I have had a lousy day and I wanted to get the stupid stuff off my mind, so I immersed myself in a few photos.

We start with Bangkok. The elevated pedestrian path hovering over the intersection near MBK, BACC and Siam Center was renovated recently. As part of the architecture they put up parasols, with paintings by local artists. This is one of these parasols – it allows the eyes to wander and explore.

While in Germany, we went for walks and enjoyed the fresh mountain air and the occasional whiffs of “dairy-air”.

I love this picture, because of the shy expression the calf gives me and the camera. On second thought – I must admit – I am thinking “Wiener Schnitzel”.

While in Füssen, we walked along the River Lech, when I saw this motive. I it beautifully confusing and requires the observer to immerse oneself into the image to see what’s what.

We also found a great Viennese Cafe. A Vienna woman and her husband ran the place. She was the real deal and so were their hot chocolates and cakes – Applestrudel and Marillenstrudel – “Good Times, I cherish these moments”.I will close with a little street-art, which we found underneath a bridge. I love the color contrast and the contrast in motive.

Alright, dear readership. Stay Sharp and don’t let the stupid stuff get to you….and yes, I know this can be a challenge at times.

Cheers Markus \m/



Today we went to the top of Germany’s highest mountain – the Zugspitze.

Visibility was rather poor. But there was a scupture of a very self-confident naked man.

One may say he had “wood”.

Markus \m/


Bad Traffic

How bad is the traffic in Bangkok? Well, I have said this before and I think it every day: Lately it seems like it’s getting worse. But don’t take my word for it, I have photographic proof. The space between the houses – and that includes sidewalks and the streets surface and the gutters…really wanted to drive home all-inclusivity if the diffferent spacwa betwen the houses, you see? – has become so overcrowded that car dealerships started to plant their test-drive cars to the side of the buildings. Not that anybody would ever want or even could begin to fathom a test drive BECAUSE IT IS AT BEST A TEST STANDING IN A TRAFFIC JAM. The inly judgement you could pass after an hour in the car is, hiw good/bad the seats are, legroom, acoustics, isolation from the outside world with all its noises, smells and pollution.

So there you have it, that’s how bad traffic in Bkk is.

Cheers Markus \m/…..oh, yes and please stay sharp – it is more important than ever in this “unique” global political climate.



You know, that something really profoundly upsetting is going on…something one ahould maybe be ashamed of,  when a small massage shop puts up a sign like this:



Markus \m/