Alright, my last three days in Bangkok…as a tourist. Obviously, it would e difficult to ignore my tumultuous seven years and nine months with Bangkok. But we are at the end of the rope and the road, we are parting ways. Bangkok will stay in Thailand and I will not. So, as We walked through Bangkok yesterday, I had that in mind, that we have started many of the “lasts”.

And hence I tried to keep my eyes “extra-open” to catch anything worthwhile soaking up.

I saw this little stencil graffiti on a construction site fence and I thought to myself:”Anything with extra bass in a construction site usually means something big and heavy fell over and so better not any extra bass.

The phone booths, well, I just like them. The interplay of colors and shapes. And Joe will be happy, because this is clearly an opportunity where color beats black and white.

Finally, As I was staring into my empty coffee cup…staring and staring and dreaming and spacing out, I realized that the remains of froth inside the cup, looked like an old-timey map of the world.

Old-timey as in back in the day, when the earth was actually flat.

Do you see it too?

This much from the road.

Stay extra sharp

Cheers Markus \m/


Super Lucky Day

Yes, you read correctly. Lady Luck French-kissed me today with a deep, deep passion. I was presented today with a most exclusive access to a super-exclusive discount is like money in your pocket. The more you spend, the more you save….it makes my head spin, how lucky I was today. And it is oh-so-exclusive. Each of these rare shopping spree amplifiers was individually numbered. There are, from what I can tell, only 292610 more people – likely equally happy and impressed as I am – walking around the planet right now. I mean, there are +7,500,000,000 people on the planet and I, yes I belong to a privilege 292611 individuals that have this perk. Yes, if you are mathematically inclined, you have realized instantly, that we are talking about a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a percent: 0.004% (rounded up!!!) But you know how I occasionally remind you to perform one act if random kindness toward a total stranger. Today, you can witness how I do this. I will donate this document to the first person claiming it , just like that because I want to spread the joy. The first person to claim it and who will make a small donation of 2000ThB, which we will consider as an admission fee to join this prestigious club. Which when all is said an done, still leaves the lucky individual with a whopping 1400 ThB access to the most incredible savings.

You better believe your incredible luck.

Congratulations and stay sharp.

Markus \m/

Enjoy The View

I am picking up here on my earlier post. Why? – Because I was very lucky and got access to an apartment where the building cleaners were hard at work and thus you – my dear readership – get to enjoy a few more up close and personal shots of these courageous workers.They use a suction cup to position themselves on the smooth facade. Then it is sponging, cleaning, squeegeeing, repeat…at an adjacent location. Some guys are still way up high.

While others are way down low already. There did not appear to be a pattern. One would think that they should move down as a team, as to avoid drops from higher up reaching lower parts that have already been cleaned. This was not the case here….think more like freestyle, like the jazz players among the building exterior cleaners.

Some worked in small clusters, minding their own business.  Others enjoyed the solitude and quiet a job like that affords.

Cool, exterior building cleaner, also a career path – definitely a unique one and an ice breaker for any cocktail party conversations.

Stay sharp and try to be good to a total stranger, regardless of his/her provenance…that’ll be a challenge for some.

Cheers Markus \m/



A Vertical Career

Whoohoo, it is Spring Cleaning in Bangkok. The tall buildings are being washed in the outside….by hand….by people….in climbing gear….suspended on loooooong ropes….from the roof way up above.

It is quite spectacular watching these guys gong about their work in lofty altitude. Part of me envies them. But cleaning the Sides that face between South and West in Bangkok has got to he a nightmare.

They are exposed most of the day to the sun and they get the light and heat reflected off the glass and aluminum facade. I imagine it to be incredibly hot.

I can imagine that this would likely a lot more fun in Frankfurt or Manhattan at this time of year.

Stay sharp and keep your eyes open for the extraordinary.

Cheers Markus \m/

At The Cursed Car Graveyard

Last weekend, a buddy of mine and I went to a place south of Don Mueang. A place that is near the Tiger Shrine. We read about this place in the travel section of a Singaporean blog, suggesting this be a good place for courageous Singaporean travelers, who were looking for something unusual. So we drove and got there as it just stopped raining, however also as the sun was setting down. In addition, the people living on the premises were not too enthused to have two Farangs walking around, taking pictures, neither were the pack of dogs claiming the space, too. We ended up shooting from the outside. Still it should warrant a second visit in before lunch some time.

On the corner of the lot where the car graveyard is located is the Tiger Shrine – one cannot miss it. Interestingly, it appears as if these Tigers get replaced every so often and the Tigers figurines that have served their purpose then find a new purpose strewn around the car wrecks, pretending to besiege the wrecks. a little weird. The whole place has a cool vibe, no doubt about that. This is one of a few cars parked and forgotten at the graveyard. Nature has really taken its sweet time to over grow everything and to a certain extend protect the vehicles, too.

One of the older vehicles is a two truck, one just like I had one when I was little. And of course a proper tow truck MUST be red, same as this one.The tow-truck is right behind a motorcycle taxi driver station. The truck is covered in all sorts of trash and when I remember the stench, I think the truck was also used as a big green natural toilet . And that concludes this little trip to the cursed car graveyard – definitely worth the trip. However, it appears as if the graveyard is not quite cursed enough to prevent being built upon in the not too distant future. One condo is nearing completion on an adjacent lot and the advertisements for the next phase are already up.

Stay sharp

Cheers Markus \m/

I’m Walking….

…through the streets of Bangkok on a Tuesday afternoon. I feel my time is running out in Bangkok. And while I am happy about that, I am also looking at it with a small sad eye…..and yes, I hate to admit to that. But this was our home base for a long time and this time is running out. So, I am walking through Bangkok with this knowledge. I see the sometimes funny, sometimes dull, but always interesting graffitis.

And then I see one of the reasons, why I am happy to leave from here.

The insane traffic, that local take for granted, because don’t know any different. They don’t know that there are other big cities that have found ways to manage traffic much more efficiently; that traffic is indeed manageable. And, yet, Bangkok traffic is a nightmare. So, the traffic I will absolutely not miss. I will not miss the pollution. I will not miss the noise – the noise that never stops.

Having said that, I say:”Stay sharp”

Cheers Markus \m/