In The Gutter….


Not so fast. I have some time on my hands, so I roam the city armed with my pen, sketchbook and my camera. And as I am roaming along through this always busy city, I saw a guy in the gutter – way deep down directly below me.

That was a bit of a shock, as you can imagine. But there he was, way down, directly below me and upside down to boot. Poor guy.

We chatted a little and he quoted Frank Sinatra. I like this guy – Sinatra and then upside down guy below me. He said:”

That’s life, that’s what people say. You’re riding high in April, shot down in May. But I know I’m gonna change that tune, when I’m back on. Top, back on top in June. I said that’s life, and as funny as it may seem, some people get their kicks stompin’ on a dream. But I don’t let it, let it get me down, ’cause this fine old world, it keeps spin in’ around.”

He’ll be back in no time…I wish that for him, very much so.

Stay sharp and rip the mike….

Markus \m/


Time To Take Stock

I am in exactly that process….taking stock, evaluate life and which avenues of life to explore next. We are still in Bangkok – a city from the future stuck in the past. This creates tension.

So much tension so even the sky is torn which color to shine in. But life continues, especially behind the horizon. In fact from my own experience I know that behind the horizon there are surprises, good and bad ones. Right now I am working though one I have had last week. And I do it with a Surfer’s High Tea….

…a few sketches and photographs.

Said horizon.

When I am taking stock, I think it is best to come to a full stop and look around….then I see things I would have missed otherwise. Like this roof:

Wrap your mind around that one f you will.

I sketch, to occupy my mind, so my subconsciousness can start to bubble stuff up. For example, I asked my self, when you din’t see the evil eye, where is it? Yes probably on vacation. What would that vacation look like?

Hm, well..that’s just like my opinion, man, to reference the Big Lebowski.

With that, stay sharp dudes.

Cheers Markus \m/


Our pool is closed. Why? Take a look for yourself. Something major os not functioning at all. The pool tiles are blue. Under proper operating conditions, the pool is a beautiful cool blue. Now it is more like puke green.

Yet, this sturdy soul continues to swim. I suppose, should he stay healthy, his body will have the antibodies to any sickness and ailment known to man.

Cheers and stay sharp.

Markus \m/

Follow Up

So, we have had a few good proper Winter days and within a 30 hour period, we progressed (without my express nor implied consent) from Winter to Spring…early Spring.

What was a beautiful Winter wonderland beckoning skiing, is now beckoning bike riding and walking about.

This is what’s left of what was recently a Winter playground – a real bummer. But what’s a man got to do? You look at the equipment quiver and ride your bike.

Which was great, too, even if totally unexpected.

Overall, despite bumming, I am pretty happy with the day. I got some good shots and I had a bike ride – there a far worse ways to spend a day.

Stay sharp…and to all my readers and their loved ones, I wish a happy, successful and worry-free new year.

Markus \m/

La Tristesse Et La Beauté D’Hiver – The Sadness and Beauty Of Winter

Winter does not much in between for me. I am either sliding towards the blues or towards exuberance, stopping short of ecstasy.

I like the sun, so when it’s overcast (with no sun anywhere to be seen), temperatures possibly only hovering around freezing with a chance of rain, I wail the blues. On the other hand, if the landscape is a perfect white, barely a decorative cloud in the blue sky, the sun smiling (and some winter sport equipment available) then it is like the encore of a Mötley Crüe concert in 1996 or a Van Halen concert on 1984.

Pretty black and white….expect, when it snows. Yes, I know that ideally, nature would do its precipitation, while I sleep. But I can manage, I am a reasonable man. And we got snow….loads of it.

Twenty four hours earlier, these trees, bushes and shrubs were naked and now, they make an ideal subject for photographing.

The creek is still flowing happily, because temperature sewer only at -6C. In all honesty, I say here al manly “only -6C” but with the humidity of a German Winter it feels so uncomfortably cold. But enough moaning.

When nature has been freshly covered with a thick and clean snow blanket, it makes everything so dampened and much quieter. I tried to capture this serenity with the above picture. Also I find the “tristesse”, that I mentioned above, in these images.

Alright, I leave you now to sit and wait

That an angel contemplate your fate

And do they know the places where you go….wait a minute, I am channeling Robbie Williams’ “Angels” here.

You don’t want that. You want to stay sharp and take it easy.


Markus \m/

I sit and wait

Does an angel contemplate my fate

And do they know

The places where we go

When we’re grey and old

‘Cause I have been told

That salvation lets their wings unfold

So when I’m lying in my bed

Thoughts running through my head

And I feel the love is dead

I’m loving angels instead

Transferring Or In Transit

We are in transit – yes, everyone and everything is always in transit – but I mean the deliberate act of moving from a staring point, say location “A” to a temporary destination which we shall call location C. Anything in between shall be location B, albeit for very brief periods.

And as it is when you are driving from A to C, nature makes a call and we obey. And that’s where it get interesting. I looked at the icons that indicate the men’s room and the women’s room. And you know what. The man looks like he has found the toilet just a little bit late. Look at a toddler when he pooped his “big boy pants”, he will stand there equally spread-legged, with a look of equal parts desperation and embarrassment while walking slowly, praying for invisibility in search of a place where he can find refuge to sort his “situation” out.

Now, the women’s icon is a little more problematic, because it shows that it must have been designed by a man – “Aha, I knew it! DOUBLE STANDARD”, the attentive reader will exclaim. While men love to “man-spread” and do it….frequently, there is no “woman-spreading”, regardless how comfortable such a lounging position might be. No, in the public eye, women are expected to sit and stand more like “Closed-Legs Finkelstein”.

Look at her….actually, just now, I recognize the the meaning – forget “Closed-Legs Finkelstein”. Her legs are squeezed tight together, because she desperately needs to pee. The icon captures the poor woman, in these few lonely moments when you squeeze you legs together trying to hold it in. But every second that passes bring you closer to defeat and the subsequent embarrassment. It’s a cruel world.

Under this nee light, the women’s icon is a lot more fitting and descriptive, than the male icon.

I know this is a weird entry. Why am I writing this for my dear readership and the world to read. Well, I am happy yo notice, that vacation is setting in, since my mind is starting to see things in different contexts….even weird contexts. And that’s a good thing.

Stay sharp dear reader and try look out for different meaning in the things you encounter everyday.

Cheers Markus \m/

Sunrise, Sunrise…

The little Missus was oh-soooooo-tired, so we went to bed at like 19:30 yesterday. And sure enough, 2:23am, and I am wide awake ready to tear our trees. I got up and watched the snow fall silently. Then I got out and photographed the sun rise of the freshly blanketed landscape.

In the West we had the sun and in the East we still had the snow-clouds making for a great until about 9:00 am.

Naturally, I also had to take a look at the tree on the meadow near my place.

This is looking North-East – the clouds delivered. Now, as I write this entry, I an looking out for my neighbor on his sled to groom the XC trails. “His Highness” wishes to exert himself on skies this afternoon.

Alright gang, stay sharp…


Markus \m/